A Letter to Everyone (From Depressing to Slightly Upbeat, so Just Read It)

Just what the title says.


1. I'm Sorry...ish. (This letter goes from depressing to happy)

Dear Movellas (or whoever on Movellas cares) -

My trust has been abused by the whole Loony epidemic. My heart has been broken countless times since the beginning of November - family, friends, a boy I loved with all my heart. I'm failing out of school.

Christmas, if anything, is only making it worse because if I can't bring my grades up I'll spend all of winter break miserably sitting in my bedroom with a pen in my throat.

As I'm writing this, you guys are actually winning.

Okay, dramatic mood change time!

I'm getting help from my school counselor as we speak. One of you really hit home with a comment about how if I give up my brother won't have his Batman anymore. You guys have really proven that you care.

Who the living hell am I to break up the Appleshine family by taking the coward's way out?

I love you guys and I could never leave you.

I'm sorry for scaring you.

I'm going to try my darnedest. I'm still not making any promises, but I will try.

Love Always,


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