My regret

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  • Published: 17 Dec 2013
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1. Snowdome

Controlled assessment  17/12/13

The time I regret quite a bit in my life was when my parents and I went on holiday and it was my decision on where to go. It was either Snow dome or The White Cliffs of Dover.

I chose Snow dome not realizing it would take a long time to drive there and then climb it. So we went there, it was a three hour drive, then another two to climb to the top. The bit I most regret about this was when we got to the top and had to stand in the wind as cold as ice for fifty minutes.

After fifty minutes of waiting we had realized that we had taken the wrong way because no one was coming up. We went back down half way (which was very painful and tiring because we had a tiny amount of food and water). We asked someone where to go, he pointed just to the right of where we had originally gone. I got so mad and sprinted up there. It took me about half an hour because that way was a lot quicker and easier.

After reaching the top and taking a look around, taking photos we went back down, got in the car, drove off and waited for a stop to get food. The first half an hour was terrible, no food, drink and very bad traffic. I spotted a MacDonald’s and immediately my dad turned. We got a gigantic family with extra chips just for me. There was another hour and a half left until we got to home sweet home. I almost fell asleep during the long drive.

When we got back home I ran into my room, turned the bright light off and jumped into bed and fell asleep almost instantly. I don’t think I want to go to Snow dome ever again because I don’t want to want to waste that much time ever again.

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