The best.

A 5sos and 1D fan fiction ~

How can you choose the best, when you don't know what the best is?


2. Chapter 2

Imogen's POV

So, the thing about Niall and I...

While I was dating Louis we always had a fling. We kissed a few times and Louis knew. He said he was fine with it but I knew he really wasn't. The idea kinda of excited me. Niall had a girl friend but they were always on and off.

"Hey you", I smile as I get off the train to see Niall.

"G'day mate", he says in a really bad Australian accent.

I give him a hug and whisper is his ear, "your Australian accent sucks but it turns me on."

We let go and I notice a surprised yet excited look on his face. I wink at him and walks away. He follows me and we meet up with his mates Liam and Harry to walk to school like we always do.

It's actually pretty funny because Liam, Harry and I have been close for about 2 years now and I've only just got to know Niall in the past year or so.

"IMOGEN!", I hear Niall's voice call after me. I immediately stop and turn around.

"Yes?" I question him.

"Can we go somewhere? Alone." He asks.

"Uhh, ok? Where do you wanna go?"

"The park near school?", he forcefully suggests.

I nod and follow him down to the park. We sit on a wooden bench. I look into his crystal blue eyes and all our memories flood back into my mind.

"Moe?" Niall questions.

"Niall." I reply.

"W- I- umm. Can I please have a hug?" He asks.

"Of corse!" I say as he pulls me in for a hug.

"Imogen, will you go out with me?" He asks as he holds me tighter.

I pull away and look into his eyes again. "Well that's a stupid question! Of corse I will!" I smile to myself.

His face lights up with Glee.

"C'mon. School time", I smile.


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