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Austin Blue is the hottest, most popular guy at school. His carefree charm and searing good looks gets him all the girls but what happens when he mess's with the wrong girl? Aleisha Dawson is the nobody of the school but transforms into a beauty queen in order to take down Austin. She has tricks and lies up her sleeve to bring him down. Love however has a funny way of messing up plans. Will Ally be the girl of Austin's dreams? Or will Ally be swept up by another guy? Just remember kids all is fair in love and war


2. Chapter 2


Sunday, Jessie and Macy had cleared there whole schedule in order to put operation make "Ally look Smoking" into action. My usual attire consisted of ruffed up skinny jeans and any shirt that comes to hand in my wardrobe. This, of course, was not good enough for Miss Macy, my self-appointed style guru. She had examined my body and decided that I had and I quote, "sexy, long legs, that I hid under my trash bag jeans". I love her to death but ummm.... Hurtful. So she got to designing my whole new style.

Her parents are excessively rich and so she went all out with a whole new wardrobe. As soon as we walked into any store, she would literally run her hands over the racks and grab at least five items from each rail. She'd then load me up like a pack horse and banish me off to the change rooms. I had to admit, the new style change came with some pretty, amazing clothes. 

After lunch, Jessie and Macy had physically exhausted me with shopping, I was reluctantly pushed into a quaint shop, in which my nails were professionally seen to. They also specialized in hair and my hair was cut into layers, which gave it shape and volume and my hair was giving a new coat of shine. They wanted to dye it a more fuller brown but I protested on that idea and so they settled for more caramel highlights.

Jessie was the makeup queen and so the afternoon was mostly spent attempting to teach me how to put on makeup. It is a lot harder then it looks. Unless you are some superhuman batman, then winged eyeliner should not be possible. 

So at the end of the day, I was physically drained from shopping. Is that even possible? Well, it was now because I collapsed onto my bed after shooing Macy and Jessie out the door. I had turned my head over to the bedside table and squinted at the digital clock which reflected the numbers: 6:34pm. Mom should have been back ages ago. As soon as the thought occurred, the phone that had been discarded downstairs sprung to life. My ringtone blared up the stairs and so I dragged myself off the bed and practically rolled down the stairs. Caller ID identified it as my mom. 

'Mom where are you?' I questioned. 

'Im gonna be working late so don't wait up for me, ok darling' she explained. 'I love you' 

And then the line went dead. That had been the most affectionate talk I'd had with her that week. I mean my mother does love me deep down but she's a work-aholic. Ever since my dad died less then a year ago, she had piled her efforts into her career. Which meant I was alone half of the time, since sometimes she would even just sleep at the office, since her business firm was an hour and half away. I know this was her coping mechanism and it helped her heal but it didn't help me. I love Jessie and Macy but they have no clue what it is like to live without a parent. The grief and pain I battle on a daily basis because of the memories of my father and the state my life was in now. My family used to be a tight, strong family unit and now it's just a unit of one. Me.

I sat as the darkness pulled around me in the living room. I trudged back upstairs and flopped on my bed. Macy had said to get a good nights rest because world war hell was about to start tomorrow and that did not sound fun. 


The alarm that was set for 6am blared loudly in my ears and I thumped around on the bedside table to shut it up. Once I found the button, I got up out of bed and snuck into my moms room. Her bed had been untouched and a note lay on the top. 

'Back for dinner. Love you sweetie xx' 

Of course. What ever. It was Monday morning and time to attack. Heavy knocking filled my ears and it sounded as if someone was trying to smash through my door. I ran down the stairs and stared through the peep hole. Macy and Jessie, fully-dressed, stared back at me. I opened the door to let them in.

'What the hell are you doing here?' I asked, wiping sleep out of my eyes. 

'Your an important piece to this whole operation and if you chicken out it isn't going to work' Macy stated, making herself comfortable on my green suede couch. 

'I also need to film' Jessie explained, setting up a try pod that could move easily around the house. 

So let the games begin. I sat on a chair as Macy pulled and tugged the knots in my hair. I scrunched my face up, as she forcefully yanked handfuls of hair from my scalp. 

'Leave some hair on my head, won't ya?' I told her through gritted teeth. Once she had brushed it and applied unknown chemical product she began loosely curling it. Jessie had been upstairs picking out an outfit and she now got started on my face. She removed my thick glasses and suddenly the room became a haze. When they were finished I latched onto their arm like my life depended on it, until Macy delicately placed something in the palm of my hand. 

'Just tip your head up and place them in your eyes. It won't hurt' she offered, showing me how to do it. What she didn't realise was that I couldn't see a thing, so her demonstration was wasted on me. I realised they were contacts and I placed them, with great effort, in my eyes. Almost immediately the world righted and the fuzzy haze was gone. I could see with such clarity and I liked it. Jessie handed me an outfit and I hastily put it on in the bathroom. I turned to examine myself in the full length mirror. 

I had said to Jessie not a lot of makeup and she had complied to my wishes. She had coated my face in a natural looking amount of makeup, which only highlighted my face. I looked down to see the outfit Jessie had chosen. I had tight jeans on which emphasized my long legs. I had a plain cream blouse and on top a black blazer with cuffed edges. My new Guess bag adorned my arm and I had strappy little kitten heels on my feet. To be honest it was such a pretty outfit and I looked good. Jessie and Macy came behind me and stared in approval. 

'I would just like to credit her stylists Macy Jones and Jessie parkes' Macy said into the barrel of the video recorder in Jessie's hands. 

'Girl, you are working that outfit! You look H-O-T! Hot!' Jessie squealed from beside me. 

'Well done, Jessie. That is how you spell hot! Gold sticker for you!' I crooned, applauding her as if she was a toddler who needed help to learn. She gave a sarcastic laugh at my attempt of being funny and I returned to gawking at my transformation. 

'Girls, lets put phase one, get noticed, into action' Jessie replied. 'One. Two. Three. And roll out' 

'Wow, you should really stop watching those army movies. That is definitely not good for your sanity!' I answered, giggling at her weirdness. We all walked to Macy's convertible and drove to school. As we walked through the corridor, people openly stared, obviously wondering where Macy and Jessie had found the new tag-a-long. Had they really not even noticed me before? 

'You, gorgeous girl, took too long primping and now there's no time to prep for the mission' Jessie told me as she leeched on to my arm pulling me to first period. 'But you will do fine. Just remember don't back down, your in control and stay confident'

'Good luck' Macy squeaked, squeezing my shoulders before running to her AP English class down the corridor. Jessie and I were in the same class and we entered to more stares. 

I strutted with as much confidence as I could muster but by the face Jessie pulled, I definitely didn't pull off the sexy look I was going for. Jessie had a hidden camera placed perfectly at the back which scanned perfectly the surroundings of the classroom. To get perfect view of me, her test subject, I had to sit in the middle of the classroom. I perched in the chair and placed all my books on the desk.  

In came Mr Hotshot, looking perfect as always. He was in his football letterman jacket surrounded with his posse. They were all unbelievably gorgeous and I suddenly received a wave of doubt. I'll never be able to pull this off. His best friends, but as I like to refer to them as his hunky henchmen were walking one step back on each side. It seriously looked like the movies. All they needed was a fan to push back their luscious locks and they could have been in a fashion shoot.

I saw Austin walk in and a sudden wave of shock registered over his features. He quickly concealed it before walking straight up to my desk and hovering before me. I flicked my eyes up nonchalantly, to meet his piercing stare. His mouth turning into a half smile which was so incredibly sexy. Does this boy not know what he is doing to me? Of course he does and he likes it. 

'Ok! So I assume your new here because this is how it works. That is my seat.' He said cockily, giving me a sidewards smile. I began to get up but caught the sharp look Jessie was sending me. So instead I smoothed out the crinkles in my jeans and lounged back into the chair. I looked around on the desk and even went as far to look around on my chair, feigning concern. One perfectly sculpted eyebrow raised into his hair line and his forehead crinkled in confusion. 

'Sorry I don't see a name!' I smiled sweetly. 'And you are?' 

'Thats cute, sweetheart. Even if you are new everyone knows me' he laughed. 

'Sorry, I don't' I fake apologized before dismissing him with my hand and rearranging my books on the desk. He placed a hand down firmly on the books.

'Well now baby, if you play your cards right, then maybe I'll let you get to know me. In more ways then one' he answered, winking suggestively. His hand traced my arm lightly and a coat of goosebumps rose on my skin. I jerked my arm back under the desk. I slowly scanned my eyes from his feet to his head, analyzing his body. To tell him the truth would be to say he's unbelievably hot but instead I lied. 

'I'll pass, thanks' I shrugged, as if his appearance meant nothing to me. Howls echoed around the classroom and his friends burst out in laughter. Austin Blue did not get rejected. Shock once again rested upon his features. I lightly played with his collar before gripping it tight and pulling his ear next to my mouth. 

'Im looking for a guy with a better...package' I whispered loud enough for people around us to hear. I let my finger trace his jaw line before resting back in Austin's seat. He narrowed his eyes at me. He was still in a state of shock before steering his body into the chair behind me. The bell rang and class convened. I looked over to see Jessie, staring at me, eyes wide at my performance. She silently applauded me under the table and I grinned. Austin was staring at me but I pretended not to see and fixed my eyes on the board. 

Austin 0

Ally 1

This might be a fun school term after all. 

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