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Austin Blue is the hottest, most popular guy at school. His carefree charm and searing good looks gets him all the girls but what happens when he mess's with the wrong girl? Aleisha Dawson is the nobody of the school but transforms into a beauty queen in order to take down Austin. She has tricks and lies up her sleeve to bring him down. Love however has a funny way of messing up plans. Will Ally be the girl of Austin's dreams? Or will Ally be swept up by another guy? Just remember kids all is fair in love and war


1. Chapter 1

****Authors note: here's a list of who I based the characters on:

Ally-Nina dobrev

Austin- Austin butler

Matt- Dylan O'Brien 

Christie- Blake Lively 

Please comment, like, favourite. I'll do the same for you <3 


I could feel my last ounce of consciousness slip away, as my head softly tipped into a lying position on my desk. My eyes had been searching out the window, watching people walk by basking in the heat, while I was stuck in media class. Mr fletcher was still talking about the Evolution of advertising or something like that, his monotonous drawl making my eyelids heavy. 

'I'm sorry ms Dawson, am I boring you?' Mr fletcher asked, his voice raising slightly. I bolted upright in my seat, a rosy red cloud creeping over my cheeks. 'I had planned the lesson, but if you think you can do a better job, by all means come give it a whack!' 

I shook my head sheepishly, sinking down in my seat from embarrassment. 

'No? Well try pay attention or at least just stay awake' Mr fletcher said before going back to the lesson. 

I propped my head up with my arm and glanced around the class. Macy sat next to me and was currently staring down blankly at her phone, which was tucked neatly in her lap. Macy had been my best friend since we were little. She had a tiny, fragile frame with small features to match. She had bright, sparkling emerald eyes and luscious blonde hair. She was immensely beautiful in a natural and reserved sort of way. Her looks combined with her genuine smile and charm, could get any guy hooked. Most of the time, Macy seemed oblivious to any such attention from the male gender. 

At the moment though, her smooth baby face was tense. Something was wrong with her. I tried to catch her gaze but she just glared down at her phone. 

I tried to get back up from my other best friend, Jessie. She sat a desk in front of Macy, listening intently to what Mr Fletcher was saying. Jessie had always been into media and photography but it was weird to see her so intensely focused on the lesson. Jessie was the opposite of Macy. Jessie was the most outspoken of the group, with a fiery attitude and was super attractive. Macy was delicately gorgeous whereas Jessie was intensely fierce. She had long, thick red hair, with dark hazel eyes which were encased with sexy, dark eyelashes. Her skin was a perfect olive complexion and she was so feisty. She made guys work for her, in which they complied. 

And then there was me; Aleisha Dawson. To put it lightly, I was the invisible friend. Macy was so likeable and naturally beautiful. Jessie was so powerful and shockingly sexy. And I was just their friend. Not many people knew me and my only friends were Jessie and Macy. I wasn't ugly as such but i was extremely awkward, especially in a social setting or around the male species. I have long chestnut brown hair, with caramel highlights, the tips just touching my waist, however I mostly keep it up in a messy bun. My eyes are a warm, honey brown and rimmed with thick black glasses, that sit heavy on the bridge of my nose. I have a Bulgarian background which means I inherited the ever present tanned skin and my mothers tall, slim frame. Not the worst I guess, it helps me blend and just get through high school. 

'Ms Dawson, your walking a fine line between pass and fail and this mark will either push you off the cliff or pull you back to land' Mr Fletcher explained in one of his many riddle metaphors he so frequently uses, pulling me from my thoughts. 'And from your puzzled look, it would seem I just pulled you back from the land of the daydreamers' 

Light laughter echoed throughout the class and my face flushed red again. I have to stop doing that. The loud ring of the bell signaled for dismissal and translated into freedom. I hastily grabbed my books and shoved them to the bottom of my bag, slinging it over my shoulder. Macy had already rushed for the door and rounded it quickly. Jessie and I looked at eachother, sharing a silent communication. We rounded the door following hot on her trail. She left through the entrance of the school out into the parking lot. We had left the comfortable, cool air and traded it in for the stifling heat. We strode over to Macy who was throwing her stuff into the back of her cherry, red convertible. Her daddy is rich and with a bat of her eyelashes, Macy can achieve anything. 

'Mace, what happened sweetie?' I said gently, rubbing her pale arm as tears began to trickle down her cheek. She let them roll silently down her face.

'He dumped me' she sniffed. 'Over text' 

The tears came thick and fast now. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her into a warm embrace, waiting for her to elaborate. 

'I mean, we were fine all summer and I thought he really liked me...' Macy pleaded, self pity overwhelming her. Macy sniffled in to her sleeve, wiping her puffy red eyes.

'Didn't I tell you, girl. It was all gonna end in heart break. He ain't never gonna commit to anyone or anything. He's just a scared little bitch' Jessie reprimanded, although using a softer tone for our fragile friend. 

Who is the scared little bitch you ask? That would be Austin Blue. The hottest, most popular guy in school. Everyone knows of his reputation with girls, though. He has meaningless flings with them and then dumps them when he is bored. He wouldn't know how to spell commitment even if you provided him with spell check. Yet a hoard of girls still swarm around him, documenting his every move. He was captain of the football team, which automatically placed him on the popular table but what helped him remain there was his looks. His skin was a glowing tan, which highlighted his muscular arms, legs and torso. His blond hair was flawlessly styled but gave the effect of easily tousled perfection. It was his piercing blue eyes that stopped you dead in your tracks though. 

Macy had been telling us all summer how she would be able to make him change. That he loved her. But as we all knew, his heart was untouchable and he couldn't be changed. So he had set his sights on Macy and all was good until he decided to move on. Now Jessie and I had a puddle of Macy to clean up and a broken heart left in our midst. 

We let her cry and talk her emotions out until her tears had dried and she sat on the seat in the back of her convertible with a puffy red face. I jumped in the drivers side and Jessie the passengers. Jessie glanced over her shoulder and saw Macy pathetically pulling at her jumper. 

'Snap out of it girl!' Jessie clapped in her face. Always so tactful, my Jessie. 'There is more pressing issues now. Like what the hell should we film our short film about?' 

'What short film?' I asked, this had been the first I heard of an assignment. 

'Didn't you hear Mr Fletcher? We film a short film on anything we want and we get marked but he will also enter it in the Parsons young directors festival, giving me a full ride to college' Jessie explained, excitement lilting her voice.   

'That takes priority over my broken heart?' Macy asked incredulously, her long blonde hair swaying down her back. 

'No, this is good! It will take your mind off of him!' I added. 

'How about a film about this girl with cancer and she falls in love with this guy who had cancer in his leg but...' I started but Jessie cut me off. 

'Girl, if you end that sentence with the boys name is Augustus Waters, I swear I will kill you!' Jessie said assertive. That made Macy laugh. It was good to see her happy again, even for a fleeting moment. 

'I'm sorry but until you have cried your self to sleep over that book, you can not judge me! Ok!' I replied becoming overly defensive of my favorite book. 

'Yeah, yeah we know. It's a hauntingly beautiful book about love and loss and it is just flawless. The fault beneath our stars...' Jessie started mockingly, sending Macy into a fit of laughter. 

'For your information, it's The fault in our stars!' I replied. No-one disses my favorite book and gets away with it. 

'Same cat, different dog!' Jessie dismissed the previous conversation and plummeted onto the next. 

'What does that even mean?' Macy asked giggling away. 

'Its means rack your brains for an idea. Not including fictional characters that Ally is in love with' she stared my way with a grin. 

'How about not anything to do with love!' Macy said, joining the conversation. 

'Yes, I like it! I need to be original. Everyone always does the love angle' Jessie encouraged.

'How about a film about crushing disappointment and broken hearts' Macy asked, dead serious. 

'How about not' I added, rolling my eyes at her. 

'Is there no middle ground?' Jessie asked desperate. 

'What about then a girl was in love with this boy' I started but Jessie went to butt in. 'Just hear me out' 

She shut her mouth.

'So she falls in love but he breaks her heart and so she decides to get even' I said, pretty impressed with my idea. I watched my friends contemplate the idea. 

'Like revenge?' Macy asked inquisitively. 

'Exactly!' I answered

'Yes! Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes!' Jessie screamed excitedly. 'How about we get revenge for Macy. Target acquired. Austin Blue' 

'YES!' Macy shrieked enthusiastically. 

'And how do you suggest we do that?' I asked, glancing between the road and her. 

'What is it that Austin likes so much about getting a new conquest' Jessie asked, with both Macy and I staring at her blankly. 

'The girl?' I guessed. 

'Wrong' Jessie said making the sound of a buzzer. 'He is like an animal. He enjoys the hunt.' 

'He enjoys it because its easy' Macy said, thinking of all the girls that fawn over him. 

'How about we don't make the chase easy, then' I said, already scheming in my mind. 'He's so used to being able to choose anyone' 

'So all we have to do, is find a girl who is totally not interested' Jessie added. 'And screw him up!' 

'Yeah, and where are we going to find one of those?' I snorted. Find someone not attracted to Austin Bulter, that's like trying to drown a fish. Impossible. I started laughing at my own wit when I noticed both girls staring at me, smiling. 'What?'

'You!' Macy exclaimed. 

'Its perfect!' Jessie agreed. 'He doesn't even know who you are' 

'What we are in like three classes together! Of course he knows who I am!' I said, kind of hurt by the accusation. 

'Honey, please. Not many people actually know you!' Jessie said matter of fact. Ouch! Now that one hurt. 

'Fine! Say he doesn't know who I am' I reasoned, realizing she was right, I was kind of a no-body. 'I'm not hot, or his type' 

'Please, his type is girl!' Macy said disgusted. 'And me and Jessie can totally make you look smoking hot'

'Oh my god Yes. Clear your Saturday, we have some serious work to do!' Jessie said, grabbing a piece of paper out of her bag and writing down a list of places we needed to go. 

'Hey wait a minute. Did you ever consider I might not want to do it?' I asked, snapping in front of their faces. 

'You don't want to help me with the biggest project ever? Which if I win, I get a scholarship into the biggest movie making school in America' Jessie looked up confused. 

'And you don't want to help me fix my broken heart and get revenge on the guy who broke it?' Macy said, looking equally confused.

'Fine. Where do we start?' I caved, staring over at Jessie's long list. 

'Well! There's the nails, eyebrows, hair, and definitely the boobs. Write that down Jessie!' Macy listed off on her finger. 

'Whats wrong with my boobs?' I said self consciously covering my chest. 

'Darling, we love you and all, but they invented push up bra's for a reason' Jessie explained to me.

'Yeah! For prostitutes and strippers' I replied.

'And for the girls who's god given gift wasn't boobs!' Macy added. 

'Austin Butler better watch his back' Macy said, gleefully. 'He will never see this coming' 

'And I'll be there every step of the way to film!' Jessie exclaimed. 

And that was how I ended my first week of school. That was also my last week of being Aleisha Dawson the one we all knew and loved. Or didn't know and couldn't love. 

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