Survival [Zayn Malik]

She was innocent, untainted by vampires society. Even after being sold to a rich Vampire. He kept her safe, but he's in love with a meer mortal. What will he do to keep her innocent, and vampire?


3. Three

•Erin's POV•

I sit in my room, looking at the ceiling. Alexander left after I snapped on him. But I started feeling bad. It isn't his fault. Well, it kinda is. I sigh and look at the time. 10 at night. I unlock and open my door. Seeing on the ground a sleeping Zayn. My heart jumps. He's been waiting for me? Why? I kneel down, and put my hand on his back. His eyes open. 

"I'm sorry, Erin."

"I'm not saying it's okay, or that I forgive you. You almost hurt me, Zayn. Every time I find or say something that upsets you. You attack me with your powers."

"I know."

"How long has it been since you had human blood besides last week?"

"Two thousand and fifty years."

"H-How old are you?"

"Two thousand and fifty-five years old."

"Oh my god", I whisper. 

Zayn sucks in breath quickly. I look at him. His eyes red, and him clenching his fists. 

"go", he says. 

I race down the stairs, but I know he'll catch up to me. I run right into Alexander. He sees Zayn racing down. I'm pushed behind him. Not having blood for that long will cause something. Alexander knows I'm in danger. 

"Zayn, you'll kill her."

"I can replace her."

"You can replace the girl who will save everything?"

"N-no that's not her."

"Yes, I am."

Zayn looked at me. Suddenly I was in front of him. He had my arms tightly. 

"Don't kill me."

"Erin. I can't control it anymore. It's either you're turned or you die." 

His eyes are rust red. Alexander was gone. I look at Zayn. 

"I'll turn."

Zany approached me. I stayed stiff as he hurried me out to the wooded gardens. I sit on the marble bench. On Zayn's lap realizing my fate is just like his. Waiting two Millenniums, and five decades. Just for blood and to save the one person he's lost. He knew I trusted him. I rest my hands on his chest. Looking at him. He takes my wrist. Biting down. I wince but it surprisingly it didn't hurt. I suppress a moan. He chuckles. Because he knows what it's doing. I lay my head on his chest. He lets go and it heals instantly. Blood drips down his chin. He licks it. I no longer feel the pumping of my heart. Zayn realizes it too. My hair becomes thicker, darker black, my eyes become more piercing blue. My canines become sharper and pointed. Not longer. 

"You look even more beautiful", he says kissing me gently. 

That's when I hit the ground. Above me was Niall, Louis, Liam, and Harry. Harry brought me up. i gasped as I was handcuffed. 

"You changed her?", Niall yelled.

I tried breaking free. But Louis came up to me, smacking my face. I glared at him, and he looked shocked at me. The metal of the cuffs burned into my skin. Soon they broke. Niall looked over at me. Fear overtook him, but he didn't back down. Niall pushed me into him. I was burning. When I touched him. His skin burned. He pulled away. As he realized I was the only Vampire that can control elements, which is rare, and do everything else. 

"She is the chosen one", Liam whispers. 

Exhaustion took over, and I fell into the dirt. I heard a chuckle. Louis had picked me up. Knowing that I couldn't fight back. 

"Thank you for our new weapon."

"Stop. She'll kill anyone. I need to train her correctly!", Zayn shouted. 

Niall stopped them, and looked at Louis. Who dropped me on the ground. I couldn't get up. They left, and Zayn came to me. 

"You are the one who can save us. But you need blood", Zayn whispers. 

"No", I whisper. 

"You have to."

I gave up knowing he'd give me one of the slaves. But that wasn't it. Alexander looked at us. 

"Does she need blood?"


I'm handed off to Alexander. My vision starts to get fuzzy. Zayn comes back and I realize he has blood bags. Zayn's told me if new borns drink from humans they won't stop. So that's why he has blood bags. As long as I drink it for the next 48 hours. I'll be good at school. We have a four day weekend. Zayn hands me the open bag and I drink it. It's gone in an instant. I felt some strength. Alexander put me on my bed. Shutting off the light, and closing the door. Fatigue was consuming me. I closed my eyes. Feeling myself float in and out of reality. Making me realize this is my fate of being a monster forever. 

•Zayn's POV•

It's been three days and she's still asleep. Alexander keeps watch on her day and night. He knows the pain. Erin has adapted slowly to this. How she doesn't need to breathe anymore. That oxygen means so little to her. She still was warm. Usually when a human changes they become ice cold. She's been warm for the past three days. As I walk up to her room, and opening her room. She's on the ground with her eyes rolled back. Blood starts running down her eyes. I get a wet towel. Putting it over them. She sits up, holding onto me. 

"H-have me go with Alexander tomorrow. Or you'll get hurt."


She held onto my wrists. I pulled the towel off. The blood was gone, and I saw the bags under her eyes. 

"Have you slept?" 


I helped her up to sit on her bed. Alexander came up with some blood bags. She took it, drinking them all. I looked at her worried. I knew she shouldn't go to school. But she needs to. Luckily Alexander is in all her classes. I saw fatigue taking over again. I found a room for Alexander. He leaves, and I pull her to me. She's burning. Which doesn't make sense. She should be as cold as me. But isn't. Is it because she can control elements? No- because out of history. Even Vampires who controls fires. They aren't hot. 

She was sound asleep. Her hair doesn't become a mess. I look at her bruised wrist. The bite mark that I put there. I watched as the sun set before I left her room. There was Louis, Liam, and Harry. Louis is up in her room while they stand there with Niall walking in. 
•Erin's POV•

I wake up realizing Zayn is gone. When I sit up, and turn to look to my right to see Louis. He smirks at me. 

"What are you doing here?"

"I'm here to see the one Vampire who is still extremely warm like humans."

"Who cares if I am?"

"The whole world."

I push him out, and change to a crop top, high skirt, and ankle boots.  Then I braided my hair, put on my makeup, necklace, belly ring, and earrings. Then spraying perfume. I grab my bag and walk downstairs. Alexander, Louis, Zayn, Niall, Liam, and Harry all stare at me. I push past them over to Alexander, and Zayn. It's already 5:30 and I need to leave for school. Alexander takes my hand. Zayn looks at me as we leave. He knows something I don't. 

We get in Alexander's car. Driving off to school. I can't help but think I'll hurt my friends. 

"You'll be fine. I haven't killed anyone."

"But I'm different, Alexander. You know it. I'm warmer than I should be. I have more powers than any Vampire in the world. What does that tell you?"

"That you're stronger than everyone else."

I smile, and look at the ground. We soon pulled up to the school. I got out, and Anderson came running over to me. Alexander walked to Michael. Who was coming towards us. 

"Are you really Vampire now?"


"Please tell me!"

I showed him my wrist. He gasped. He's more manly than Luke is. But I still love him. 

"I won't hurt you, Anderson. I'm fine", I assure my best friend. 

"You promise?"

"Promise", I say hugging him. 

Suddenly, I'm slammed into Alexander's car by Michael. He looks at me up and down. I inhale quickly. His eyes are red. Oh crap. 

"Look who's a Vampire", he smirks.

Alexander is leading Anderson away. 

"Who the hell turned you?", I hiss. 

"The same person who turned Alexander."

"No", I whisper. 

Michael takes my wrist. Looking at the bruise and bite mark. I gasp as he slides his nail across it. Causing a line of scarlet blood to appear. 

"They are right. You are still warm. Shouldn't be."

He licks the blood and the cut closes. He smirks at me as I run to find my friends. Everyone is looking at me. I walk over to my friends. Everyone but Anderson looks away. I realize they don't want to be friends with me anymore. 

"Why do you all look scared of me? I won't hurt you."

"They won't believe you."

"My god. I've lost the only people who accepted me."

"Just go", Veronica says. 

"Okay", I whisper. 

I walk away. But only three people came with me. Luke, Mark, and Anderson. Mark wraps an arm around me. I smile sadly. 

"Why'd you do it?"

"I didn't have a choice, Mark. He was ready to either kill me or turn me."

We head to our first class. I sit in back. But something felt wrong. Michael sat next to me. Then to my left was Harry. I gulped. Alexander looked at me. Knowing I need his help. Time froze. Louis walked in with Liam and Niall. Alexander wasn't frozen. Neither was Michael or Harry. Alexander watches as they surrounded me. I was in the middle of five people. 

"You want human blood. We know it."

"No, I don't leave me alone." 

I push Michael. But he grabs my wrist. All of us including Alexander are at Niall's castle. Time is going again. Niall pulls a slave over. It's Alyssa. 

"No. I won't."

She looks so sick. 

She sticks her wrist. There's so many bite marks. She's close to dying. 


Michael cuts her wrist. The smell hits me hard. I fight back from it. Michael pushes Alyssa towards me. 

"It's okay. It'll stop me from getting beaten."


I'm saving her from her pain. I bite down. She makes no noise as I drain the blood from her. She drops down, and so do I. Niall laughs. Michael takes her away. Alexander helps me up. 

"Oh my god", I whisper. 

"You didn't mean to."

"I killed my cousin, Alexander."


I nod. He hugs me and we're back at school. We both know i can't go inside. I open the door and get in. He starts the car and we head back home. Alexander hands me a napkin. I wipe my mouth. A tear slips out. We get back fast, and Zayn comes running out. Alexander is gone. Right behind him is Louis. He opens my door. Making me stand. He doesn't seem to notice I'm crying before he slaps me. Louis chuckles. 

"You killed someone. And worse drank from them!"

"I know."

I dash to my room. Locking the door. Bawling my eyes out. I didn't try to. He doesn't even know she was my cousin. Once I calm down. I just sit there. 

"Erin", Zayn asks. 

I don't answer. He can hear my thoughts but I don't care. 

"I'm sorry."

"You aren't. You never are. Just lock me in here for a century. Then I won't kill anyone. Besides myself."

"why are you taking this so bad?"

"She was my cousin", I whisper. 


"I deserved it."

"No you didn't."

A tear falls. Before someone is yelling. Zayn's gone, and I race downstairs. My mother. Zayn looks at me. My mother smirks at me. I watch as Zayn lets her push him aside. 

"You killed her", she shouts. 

Childhood memories come back instantly. 


She hit me. It hurt. Zayn just watched in shock. 

"You little whore."

"What are you going to do? I'm more than ten times stronger than you. You beat me my whole life because dad left your drunk ass. You blamed me! I'd kill you too if I wanted to. But you aren't worth my time."

Then my mom stabbed me in the stomach. I gasped, as she left. Zayn came running to me. 

"Oh my god."

Alexander came running down. So did Louis. Alexander grabbed the first aid kit Zayn always used. It included vampire things to heal. I coughed up blood. Alexander held me as Zayn pulled the knife out. Throwing it across the room. It didn't hit any organs that couldn't heal themselves. Like my stomach. I laid my head on Alexander's shoulder. I felt him stitch the wound. 

"What happened?", Alexander asks. 

"Her mum came and freaked on her for killing her cousin. Then she stabbed her."

"Shut up", I say hoarsely. 

They did as Zayn continued. 

He finally finished. Of course Vampires die. But not from old age. From being stabbed. Or shot. Louis was gone. They both helped me up. 

"I'll call you in sick tomorrow."


Zayn carried me to my room. 

"Is that really what happened?"

"Yeah. He used to write to me. But stopped."

Zayn laid next to me. Wrapping his arm around me. I smile at Zayn and kiss him. He chuckles and kisses back. It isn't one that I don't want. He cups my face. I giggle since I'm so used to it. 

"How are you so warm?", he asks. 

"I don't know."

He pulls away, and lays with me. I play with his finger gently. His light snoring in my ear. I moved into Zayn's room. Because he doesn't want Alexander to try anything. I unwound my spell from him and walked towards the window. This is all I know. I looked back at him. He's protecting me. When he doesn't need to. I kiss his head gently. Before running off. No one heard me as I headed downtown. That's when someone caught me. Looking up it was Michael. 

"Hello, sexy." 

"Leave me alone." 

That's when he bit my arm. It was bleeding. He left me there. Thinking about my mistake before I passed out. 

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