Survival [Zayn Malik]

She was innocent, untainted by vampires society. Even after being sold to a rich Vampire. He kept her safe, but he's in love with a meer mortal. What will he do to keep her innocent, and vampire?


1. One

•Erin's POV•

I look at my mother. She's pushing me forward. I was too young to understand at the time, but she was selling me to a vampire. The richest in our part of the country to be exact. He wanted me, and my mother saw no reason not to get any money out of it. I was sold to him. At eight years old. He didn't have this 'I'm gonna torture you' look in his eyes. It was more like, 'I'm going to protect you.' Everyone knew if you were to be sold to Vampires and you tried to escape, you'd be killed. I didn't want to let go of my mum. I wanted to stay with her forever. But she didn't seem to care if I was taken away. She treated me horribly anyway. I was too skinny, and too light for my age. People in school would make fun of me because of it. 

I'm that skinny girl who is bullied. At least I'm fed now. Going to a school where they know I was sold to a Vampire, so they kept away from me. But my closest friends stayed by my side. Not caring what people said. It's all the same kids who made fun of me because I was skinny. Who still make fun of me because my mother didn't love me enough to have me stay with her. Where my father didn't love me enough to stay with us. How he disappeared off the Earth. 


I didn't look up as Zayn walked into my room. I had a field trip for school today, and Zayn didn't want me to go but knew I had to. Days when I got sick, he still made me go. With other slaves who lived down in the basement he didn't care about. But right when I got here eight years ago I was put in one of the best rooms. With the best service. I'm not considered a slave. He just bought me because he knew I needed to be saved. Slowly i get up, and find something to wear. His hands landed on my waist making me tense. 

"Why are you so scared?", he asks. 

I hate when he does that. Reading my mind to decipher my emotions.

"I'm not", I whisper.

"You are", he chuckles.

"Can you go? I need to change."

He kisses my head. Leaving me in peace. I grab a white tank top, red over shirt, black ripped skinny jeans, black boots, and my bracelets.  Changing out from my pajamas. I put on my treble clef necklace, and waterfall braid my hair. Quickly I apply my makeup, and grab my backpack. We're going to the ruins of an old town. Barbra stops me before I can go any further. 

"He's looking angry, might want to be careful."

"Thanks, I'll keep that in mind", I tell her before running downstairs. 

I was expecting to see Erik driving me to school today, but Zayn was there. With his red eyes. I gulp and walk to him. He grabs my wrist dragging me outside. Before I could ask what's wrong her pushes me in the passenger seat. Getting in on his side of the car. We take the drive to school. It's an hour drive that's why I get up at four in the morning. 

"Why are you now acting so scared of me?", he asks. 

"I-I don't know", I whisper. 

"You do know!"

"You've been treating everyone different lately. You've been so protective of me."

I look at him. His eyes are no longer red, they're the shade of brown I love so much. He looks at me for a moment. 

"You wanna know the truth. Why I picked you out of everyone in the crowd?"


"Because a prophecy tells of a young girl, who has a Vampire master. She doesn't do any work, and gets the same rights all humans had before we existed. You're that human Erin. I can feel it. but the twist to it is that you need to turn vampire to be safe."

I look at him. I am not ready to be this bloodsucking monster. 

"Is that why you saved me from my mother who beat me, and tortured me?"


"T-thank you."

He smiles, I stay quiet for the rest of the ride. Not even looking at him because he saved me from that hell hole life. We reach the school, and I start to get out. But he grabs my wrist. He moves my hair from my face, and before I knew it we were kissing. I pull away quickly, and get out. Zayn pulls out leaving me to  the kids who wouldn't think twice to touch me. I walk inside, and people look at me. 

"Hey loser", Michael the Quarterback of the football team says. 

"Leave me alone", I mutter. 


He grabs me and turns me around to face him. His emerald green eyes stare at me. it doesn't phase me. I'm used to this abuse, and I hide it away from Zayn. 

"I said leave me alone!", I say pushing him into the lockers. 

As I start to walk away, I'm pushed into the ground, and being beaten. I feel the pressure of everything drop on me. There's something telling me that he'll be killed later. But I let it happen. 

"No one likes a girl who has to live with Vampires."

When he finally pulls off a teacher is there. Stopping him from doing it. I struggle to get up, before grabbing my bag and running off to my locker. I put in my bag and rush to the bathroom to clean my face up. I take the paper towel, and dab the blood. Veronica comes rushing in as my savior. This happens on a regular bases. She hurries and puts the foundation around the bruises.

"Why do I even try?"

"Zayn knows right?"

"No, I can never tell him. He'll kill the person just for  looking at me."

We walk toward the buses taking us to the ruined city. We join the other five sitting in the back. I sit next to Luke, and he smiles at me. Zayn has no threat towards him because him and Anderson are gay and dating. Veronica is next to Cecilia. While Mark sits with Anderson across from us. 

"So tell me, I saw you and Zayn in the car together. Did you two kiss?", Cecilia asks.

My face heats up.

"Oh my god!", Anderson says causing Mark to roll his eyes.  

"So what?" 

"He's like hundreds of years older than you!", Luke says squishing me into the window. 

"Yeah, well he told me of a prophecy where I have to be turned Vampire in order to be safe from this other ruling Vampire in Ireland." 

"Wait, so our best friend would be one of them?", Mark asks. 


Before anyone could say another word my crush Alexander come over pushing Luke into Anderson. He looks at me and scoffs. In elementary school kids made sure i felt alone, so hey told him I'd have Zayn kill him and his family. Which isn't true. Michael sits next to Veronica squishing them into a seat. While Hailey, Josh, Kris, and Martin sat behind us. Michael turned around and looked at me smirking. He's out to ruin my life. That's when my head started burning. I go into fetal position and everyone looks at me. Veronica pushes Michael away, and Alexander.

"What's wrong?", she whispers. 

"I have no idea."

Cecilia sits next to us so the two jocks could have the seat to themselves. It stopped, and I looked at her. 

"We shouldn't be going to that city. It's where the clan is waiting for me." 

"We can't stop now." 

I nod and look at the ruins. We stayed on the bus as everyone got off. Alexander looked at me sorrily. When he stepped our. He attacked Michael. Claiming he shouldn't of beat me up. We all got off slowly with my friends surrounding me. Then we were off. Our teachers were our guides. I felt as if I was being watched. Like someone would grab me at any second. Once we turned to see the old library it happened. Someone took me away from my friends causing Veronica to scream. Everyone looked back seeing the man. The jocks laughed. Until they realized he's Vampire. I scratched his hand but nothing happened. Everyone was shocked. I was then pulled away. I bite the guys hand. 

"Bloody hell!", an Irish accent rang. 

I looked to see a blonde lad with ocean blue eyes. He shook his hand then faced me. His eyes turned red, and II knew I was screwed. He smirked and came towards me. Till I was backed up against a tree. 

"Zayn won't be happy to know his princess was taken."

"No, I wouldn't." 

I couldn't breathe with his hand around my neck. My hands lay on his wrist. He let go of my neck throwing me to the ground. 

"Run!", Zayn yelled.

I hurried back and found  my group. People were whispering. No one has been in the presence of a Vampire except for me. Luke, and Anderson hugged me. Alexander walked over to me, splitting me from my friends who all smiled. 

"Are you okay, Erin?"

"Why would you care you believed everything that people said about me."

"Cause I know the pain you're going through." 

"Yeah right."

"Just last year I was sold to the man who wants you. He has me go to school here still to spy on you. But I said no, so now he's going after you himself. I care about you Erin", he says taking my hand. 

I pull mine away. 

"We can't be together. Zayn won't allow it. I'm sorry."

"What happens if we are?', he asks taking my hand again. 

"I'll be beaten, or you'll die. I can't have that happen."

I see the bus pulling away. 

"They're leaving!"

Zayn walks over, with the blonde lad following him. I drop Alexander's hand and look at Zayn.

"You spy on her?", he asks Alexander. 


Zayn is in his face. But I push between them. 

"Don't hurt him, Zayn. Please he didn't do anything wrong!" 

the blonde lad smiles and motions Alexander over. He moves, and goes over. Then, They're gone. Zayn drags me to his car and pushes me in. He doesn't shut the door. Instead he makes me face him. as he wipes off the foundation covering the bruises. His brown eyes turn red. 

"Who did this?"

"No one! I ran into the wall."

"Then why are there finger prints on your arm?"

I find myself speechless. He nods, and pushes me in the car. Slamming the door. He gets in and we're off to his castle. I fiddle with my fingers. Tears fall as we arrive, and he forces me out. Days like this I'm scared to come out of my room. Erik hurries and brings me to my room before Zayn explodes. He pushes me in and I know I'm stuck. Zayn will come up and yell at me. For being so ignorant. 

Zayn walks in looking more pissed than ever. 

"Why didn't you tell me you were being bullied?" 

"Because you'd kill the person for doing it", I say not facing him. 

He forces me up, and for me to look in his eyes. My breathing becomes uncontrollable at this point. My heart rate slows down. 

"Erin, I care about your safety."

"Well I don't."

I'm slammed into the wall. Zayn has never been so rough. I look at his ember red eyes. I drop to my knees as a searing pain jolts through my head. I whimper, and it causes him to come back to reality. Zayn stops and bends down to help me up. But I back away. His eyes aren't red and I can see the sorrow. The last time he did this to me was six years ago. He plays this game constantly.

"I-I how bad did it hurt?", he asked. 

"Like I had a spear sticking through my head, you bastard!"

He hugs me, causing me to cry. Zayn rubs my back as I sob. He almost killed Alexander, then attacks me cause I rather be dead. Then living with a vampire my entire life. Zayn makes me face him. When I look into his brown eyes he looks down at my lips then to my eyes. He cups my face, kissing me hungrily. I'm stunned, not kissing back for a moment. But then I do as he stands us up. Backing me into the wall. I wrap my arms around his neck. He chuckles and keeps at it. When he pulls away cause he doesn't need to breathe, but I have to. I smile. Looking down. He's over a thousand years old. I'm just turned sixteen. Zayn plays with my hair. Before someone knocks on my door. He opens it, and immediately gets knocked out. 

"Zayn!", I yell running to him. 

"It's only temporary", the blonde guy from earlier says. 

"What did you do!", I scream. 

"Oh nothing. But Alexander is excited to have his little toy back."

"I'm not Alexander's toy! He isn't that cruel!"

"He is now. See he's no longer human."

"H-he can't be", I whisper. 

"Alexander", he calls. 

There he is red eyes, and smirking at me. I gasp, as he pulls me to him. I don't want to let Zayn go. But if I don't my arm will be torn out of it's socket. I'm  pulled along. Looking at him. The blonde one goes ahead of us. Alexander stops and smirks at me. Tracing my hair. 

"Don't worry, you're not leaving school."

"Alex, this isn't you. You're not the one I've had a crush on for so many years." 

Something inside of him snapped, and his eyes are their original colour. 

"Let go of her!", Zayn yells. 

I look to Zayn as he's right next to me. The blonde one comes back. Glaring at Zayn, and smacking Alexander. I snap, walking to him. 

"Don't you dare hit him! He isn't a cruel monster like you!", I yell in his face. 

"Fine, I won't hit him."

He smacks me hard and I'm sent flying back. Hitting the wall. Unable to breathe. 

"Erin!", Alexander and Zayn yell. 

I look at them. Hardly able to keep my eyes open. I gasp as I feel as if my body is freezing. As I look down my feet are freezing and it's wondering up my body. 

"Niall stop! You'll kill her!', Alexander yells. 

"Better than her changing."

"I don't wanna die", I whisper. 

"Niall stop!", Zayn pleads. 

"then hand her over."


He smirked and it came faster. Zayn attacked him, and it all stopped. The ice starting melting. Alexander holds my face in his hands. I'm chattering my teeth. 

"He'll kill me."

Alexander kissed me, and the ice melted faster. His lips were soft, and warm. He pulls me closer. I smile, and kiss back. Enjoying everything about this moment. Alexander is pulled back by Zayn. I look down. They both leave. I smile at Alexander and look at Zayn. He's pissed again. 

"Why'd you kiss him back."

"It was nothing."

I hurry up to my room. But Zayn catches my by the waist. I gasp, as his breath hits my neck. I shut my eyes. His hands rest on my waist. Before I can stop him, he's close to biting me. 

"I'd stop this insanity. I'd stop you from being hunted."

"You'd stop my heart."


"I'm scared, I don't want to. I-I rather die naturally then be a monster."

"You love a monster."

"I-I don't love you."

"Alexander", he growls. 

"H-he isn't a monster Zayn."

"Do you love him, or me?"

"I-I don't know."

"Tell me, now! Or I'll end everything for you!"

I know the answer, but if I saw the real thing. He'll make me a monster, and I'll be dead. 


Zayn punches the wall. I cower back. I race to my room scared for my life. But he grabs my. Pressing my body to his chest. 

"I love you, Erin. You know that?"


"Do you?"

"Zayn that isn't fair."

"Neither is having to watch the one girl who can save the world, and me. Die."

I look at him. Vulnerable, scared, and waiting for love. Waiting for me. To save him from the thousand years of waiting to find me. How he's been forced into this life and has never found love. How he watched me grow up, something he's never had. How the one girl he loves, loves someone else. That she rather grow old than be with him. That he suffered pain watching her die every century he's been alive. How he couldn't save her, because he let her go. 

"How do you know all that?"

"I've been told."

"I need to save you."

"From what? No one will kill me."

"Niall will. He'll use Alexander."

"I can fight."



"Leave then."

"You wouldn't."

"Wanna bet. I'd hurt you. I've controlled myself for ten thousand years. I'm ready to taste blood again."

"Zayn, you said you'd never hurt me."

"I lied."

Tears sprung into my eyes. As I raced off to my room crying. He's not some monster. He's sweet. Zayn's never hurt me on purpose. I slammed the door building things against it. I change into my pajamas, and lay down. Feeling numb inside. I cover myself in blankets. Crying. Scared to face him in the morning. I look at the picture of my mom. Before she let herself go. Wishing I was there. Not here. I'd rather have her abuse than his. 

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