Bad Boy

My eyes are closed but the barrel of the gun is nested on the back of my head. My heart is racing, pouncing against my chest. It was beating so loudly I was surprised he couldn't hear it. I hadn't even got to lay my eyes on him, the man that would consume my fait. He has my life in his hands, and he loved every second of it. He wanted me scared, but I was not going to cower, I couldn't let him have that satisfaction. My eyes stayed close, but I knew I had to force them open. If I was going to die, he would have to look into my eyes as I did. He had to feel the pain that I would. I turned around, and opened my eyes. My voice had left, and there he was starring right back at me.


1. Ruined Me

"Just kill me!" I whimpered. My voice was scared, but I felt dead already. He just chuckled.

"You think it's that simple?" He smirked.

My eyes were closed, but I opened them for just a brief second. I was facing the far corner of the bank. I don't think anyone could see me. I closed my eyes quickly. I suddenly wasn't scared anymore, I was mad. He was going to kill me, I was sure of it. The barrel of the gun was pressed so gently against the back of my head.

"Turn around" He whispered in my ear, pressing his body up against mine. It made me jump, and he just laughed. He could smell the fear off of me. I drew one last slow breath before I would be face to face with the man that would end my life. I turned around to face him, my eyes wide open. As I turned around I could see more clearly. There were huge pools of blood all over the floor, they were centered around the bodies that seemed to be lifeless.

"Just shoot, don't play with me anymore" I said in a firm voice. I had nothing to fear anymore, I knew I was going to die, and I had to accept it. My eyes were welling up with tears, and my cheeks were going red. I wasn't looking at him still.

"Look at me" He said. By now the three other men that were in the bank with us were all walking over to me. They were watching everything this man was doing to me. I bit my lip trying to gain some courage.

I looked up, he was wearing a mask, but I could see half of his cheeks, and his eyes. His cheeks red from running, and his chest pumping in and out trying to get oxygen into his lungs.

I couldn't look into his eyes, the suspense of my death was devouring my very soul. I wanted it to be over with. Without any warning he took the one hand that was by his side, and grabbed my face. His hand raped around both sides of my mouth squeezing it. It hurt so badly, but screaming would only give him the satisfaction that he wanted.

I spit in his face, it was the only thing that I had left to do. He smirked at me, I could tell, I knew he was. I looked up into his eyes, and he gazed into mines. He could read every thought that was going through my head. I couldn't tell what he was thinking, his expression stayed the same, his face stone, and solid. His eyes, they were starring at me, and I couldn't take mine off of his. They were a shimmering blue, his eyes were so gentle, but he was such a monster.

I heard the sirens not to long after I turned around.

"Quick finish her off" One of them yelled from behind. I had forgotten them ever being in the room.

"No, if the cops follow us we could use a hostage" He said still holding onto my face.

I looked over to my left, and I felt my heart drop. It was no longer almost beating out of my chest, and sat still.

"Baby" I heard that voice. "It was Brock, he was my fiancé, and one of the lead detectives in this city.

"Brock help" I screamed. I was smacked across the face within seconds. Not by the man holding me, but by one of his friends.

"Let her go, or we will be forced to enter, and shoot" Brock said in a firm, and calm voice.

One of the men that was standing beside me grabbed into his pocket, and pulled out a little flip knife.

"Like that's really going to stop bullets" I murmured under my breath. He smiled at me,

"Baby, it isn't for stopping bullets, it for persuasion" He said. He leaned in closer to me, and placed his head right against mine so his lips were pressed against my ear. "Scream for me" He whispered, and then the knife lunged into my upper thigh.

I let out the most gut-wrenching scream I could conjure up. The pain was almost unbelievable.

"You hear that sergeant, we can make that a lot worse than it is, wanna try coming in now?" He yelled holding the knife still in my leg. I was breathing heavily trying to hold in the screams that were trying to escape my body. I knew he had missed my artery, other wise I would be squirting blood all over this floor. But the cut was so deep. I could feel blood starting to drip from the edges where the knife was still pressed in my skin.

"Brooklynn" Brock screamed from outside.

"Kill me" I pleaded in pain.

"What do you want?" Brock screamed from outside.

"Let us go with the girl, if any cops follow us we kill her, simple enough for you?" One of the other guys shouted.

"Deal" He said. He knew that there was a chance of them killing me still if I went with them, but I knew if he would of came in, we would both be dead.

"Take her to the back, and get her in the van" One said.

"Wait sweetheart, I need my knife back" He said. He pushed it in a little farther, and twisted as he pulled out. I couldn't hold the screams in, I let another one out, and I couldn't stop.


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