Bad Boy

My eyes are closed but the barrel of the gun is nested on the back of my head. My heart is racing, pouncing against my chest. It was beating so loudly I was surprised he couldn't hear it. I hadn't even got to lay my eyes on him, the man that would consume my fait. He has my life in his hands, and he loved every second of it. He wanted me scared, but I was not going to cower, I couldn't let him have that satisfaction. My eyes stayed close, but I knew I had to force them open. If I was going to die, he would have to look into my eyes as I did. He had to feel the pain that I would. I turned around, and opened my eyes. My voice had left, and there he was starring right back at me.


23. Remember Me

"Don't touch her!" Louis yelled running between us.

He turned his head only slightly to whisper something to me. "You remember the Niall that I was telling you about, the old Niall. The one who killed without a second thought.. he's back." Louis said.

Louis pulled out his phone, and started to Dial a phone number. I knew who it was going to be from the moment that he pulled out the phone.

Within minutes Harry pulled up with Zayn, and Liam.

He walked right up to me, and slapped me across the face. I fell, but didn't make a noise. "What are you doing with this bitch?" Harry yelled looking at Niall, and then Louis.

"Ask Louis." Niall said.

"Niall doesn't remember anything..." Louis said looking at the other three boys. "He doesn't even know his ex is dead." Louis continued.

"Stop saying that! She is alive, I saw her yesterday!" Niall yelled at Louis giving him a little push.

"Are you telling me I have the old Niall back?" Harry said with a growing smirk on his face that I so badly wanted to slap off.

They left me on the side of the road that day. I almost forgot about my bleeding. I was rushed to the hospital when the next vehicle drove by. The wedding was postponed, and I haven't yet seen Brain.

When he finally came into the room, I burst into tears, not because I was happy to see him, not because I didn't want to see him. Because It finally sank into me, everything that I had done with Niall, everything he ever said to me, and how he protected me was gone. I wish I was the one who could have forgotten, the one who could of waken up with amnesia. The pain was the worst feeling you could imagine, my chest felt like someone was pressing on it.

"Are you okay?" Brian asked running up to my bed.

"yes, I am fine." I said trying my hardest to fight back the tears.

"I am going to kill these pricks!" He yelled punching a whole into the wall.

The anger strike in him reminded me of Harry, and how much I hated him

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