Bad Boy

My eyes are closed but the barrel of the gun is nested on the back of my head. My heart is racing, pouncing against my chest. It was beating so loudly I was surprised he couldn't hear it. I hadn't even got to lay my eyes on him, the man that would consume my fait. He has my life in his hands, and he loved every second of it. He wanted me scared, but I was not going to cower, I couldn't let him have that satisfaction. My eyes stayed close, but I knew I had to force them open. If I was going to die, he would have to look into my eyes as I did. He had to feel the pain that I would. I turned around, and opened my eyes. My voice had left, and there he was starring right back at me.


9. knowing him better

"I can't believe that happened" I said to Louis.

"Not that I'm helping my side any Brooky but you were kind of in the same situation with us, and you still are.. Don't get me wrong you are a great girl, but we can't trust you" Louis said.

Then we heard the footsteps coming up the stairs. We both turned our attention to the door where the basement stairs were located.

I felt so bad for Niall he shouldn't blame himself for what happened. I just wanted to hug him, and help him forget.

As soon as he came up from the basement I grabbed him by the hand, and brought him to his room. I turned and closed the door behind is locking it. He looked surprised and confused at the same time. I turned to him and wrapped my arms around his shoulders hugging him so tightly. "Niall you shouldn't blame yourself for what happened to Jess" I said. It took him a minute to respond, I could tell he wasn't expecting me to bring this us. We haven't talked about it in so long.

"She shouldn't have left in the neighbourhood, it was her decision not yours" I continued.

"Who are you to talk about her?" Niall snapped at me. He pushed me harshly away from him now.

His voice was raising at me, and his eyes were filled with hatred. I couldn't believe he was acting like this especially towards me.

"Niall" I tried to continue, but before I could go on he hit me in the face. His blow was solid, and firm, it knocked me dead off of my feet, and onto the ground.

"Louis was right you are an asshole" I said. I didn't have to cry, but tears were flowing down my face. I couldn't stop them from falling.

"Brook I'm so sorry" his voice turned from hatred to almost crying.

He leaned down to try and help me back to my feet.

"Don't touch me" I snapped at him, I was holding the side of my face.

"Brooklynn I'm so sorry, I didn't mean" he said.

"Stop" I demanded. I was back up on my own two feet now thanks to my own help.

"You don't care about me Niall, you are using me to remember your stupid dead girlfriend. You don't have a single feeling for me. You will get rid of me easily when the time comes.. So don't put on that act for me... Just stop.. You don't care about me and that's just the plain and simple truth! I am sick and tired or pretending that everything that is happening is fine!! I know it isn't fine.. This doesn't happen to normal people.. I am a hostage and you are the person holding me hostage.. There should be and is no feelings between us!" I continued. I was so out of breath by the end of it all.

"You're wrong" he simply said in a weak voice.

"How am I wrong?!?" I demanded.

"I do care about you Brooklynn. I am not just using you because you remind me of Jess. You remind me of what it is like to love something more than the air that I breath. I love you.." He whispered the last three words.

My heart was racing so fast I felt like I was going to pass out. It wasn't possible to love someone like Niall. He was a criminal he was still holding me here hostage.. But. I did love him. He have me hope when I ran out of it.. He helped me stay strong and took care of me.. And he was a killer.

His eyes were looking at me searching trying to figure out what I was going to say to him.

"I love you to" I said. I couldn't believe the words that were coming out if my mouth. I loved Brock.. But I loved Niall was it possible to love more than two people at once. Was it possible to fall inlove in two weeks.

He pulled me in close now his arms squeezing me so tightly I didn't want them to let go.

"I am so sorry I hurt you" he whispered in my ear. I could feel his tears soaking down into my bare shoulder.

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