Megan Styles.

Leanna Payne is Liam Payne's twin sister. Yeah from One Direction. But when Liam was on the x-Factor she meets Harry and the click and then soon start dating. But what happens when Harry and the rest of the lads leave for a very long tour and don't visit Leanna who is currently living in the US for school and she never tells Harry the news of his baby girl. Read to find out.


7. chapter 5

Hey guys sorry I didn't update. My internet was down.


ZAYNS 21!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm gonna cry he's grown up so fast 😍🙀😱💗😓😅

Anyway here's chapter 5

-Leanna's POV-

Paige is alive.

Paige is alive.

Paige is alive.

That's all that went through my mind.

"Where is she?" I asked mom.

"At the hospital,"

I looked at Harry and Liam.

"I need to go to the hospital." I said.

"Why are you okey?" Harry asked conserned.

"Yeah just... Liam come with me",

Harry looked hurt.

I hugged him. "Everything will no okey."

He nodded and picked up Megan.

I ran out of the house with Liam and we got into my car and drove to the hospital.

"Hello miss how may I help you?" The nurse asked.

"Hi I'm looking for Paige Payne. I'm her sister and he's her brother."

"Okey I'm gonna have to see some ID,"

I pulls out my wallet showing it to her. I don't know why I needed to show my ID, I've been to. A hospital I know how it works.

Me and Liam ran to her room and opened the door.


She turned around."um hi,"

"We missed you so much"

Me and Liam pulled her into a hug.

"Um who are you?" She asked.

I pulled away. "It's your sister, Leanna and your brother Liam,"

Her eyes grew wide. "Liam Leanna?"

We nodded and she pulled us into a hug.

"I've missed you so much"


Sorry it was short.


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