Against the rules

Crystal is sent to be the boys protector. She's in disguise as a human to go through day to day with them. But they don't know about her being an angel/demon.


2. Louis Tomlinson

I sat down on my huge couch. Burgende jumped into my lap, meowing. I opened the top file. "Louis Tomlinson. Age: 20. Sex: male. Birth: December 24, 1991. Area: Doncaster." His picture showed him to look like Ken; Barbie's husband. He seemed like the sweet guy. Yeah I'm going to have fun with this one. I sighed and took a sip of my grape wine. I need to get a house next door to his. God, I'm going to have five houses to look over. I dialed the number for the home services. "Hello?" A boring voice answered.

After I got off the phone I began packing to go to my new house. It sounded beautiful, it better be beautiful. "Meows." I ticked at Burgende. She jumped into my arms. "Ready to go on a life long trip?" I kissed her little purring head. I let out a sigh and my huge black/red wings popped out from my back. It felt good to let them out. I stretched each wing and burst into the air. Flying as fast as I could.

About twenty minutes later I got go the gate. "Hey James!" I smiled. "Where are you going this time?" He returned the smile. "Earth." I sighed. "Oh, damn. When will you be back?" He handed me my bag of equipment. "Unless I fail, never." I peeked him on the cheek. "What?!" He nearly screamed. I shrugged my shoulders. "Bye, love." I waved and flew off.

I landed on the roof of my new house. Burgende bit my hand and jumped out of my arms. "Shit." I whispered under my breath as she ran right over to Louis; who just got out of his car. Shit, shit, shit. Stupid cat. I slid off the roof and into my bedroom window. I threw my bags down, folded my wings against my back, and stuck my head out the front window. "Burgende!" I shrieked. Playing the helpless pretty girl was a piece of cake. "Oh, is this your cat?" Well no shit surlock. I nodded with a fake smile plastered to my face. "Thank you so so much! I don't know what is do if I lost her!" I over exaggerated. "No problem. Say, did you just move in?" He looked over my shoulder. "Yeah, this morning." I tucked my hair behind my ear. "Cool. Well I live right next door if you need anything." He smiled and walked into his house. My smile dropped from my face. "Thanks, Burgende!" I hissed. She ran off into the kitchen. I hope this goes well.

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