Against the rules

Crystal is sent to be the boys protector. She's in disguise as a human to go through day to day with them. But they don't know about her being an angel/demon.


1. The Assingment

"Crystal!" My name was shouted throughout the halls of Angelic High. What did I do now? I groaned and made my way to the office. The girls and guys ran out of my way. Ha, pusses. I entered the office and a guy grabbed my ass. I swung around, grabbed him by the collar of his shirt, and pinned him against the wall. "Put your hand on me again and I'll make sure that you'll be jerking off with a fucking hook." I hissed between clenched teeth. His eyes grew big and he nodded. "I can't hear you." I turned my head so that my ear was facing him. "Crystal! Put him down!" Miss. Danovern ordered. I gave him the 'you got lucky' look. He dropped down and ran out the door. "Why'd you call me down here? I better not be wasting my time, lady." I crossed my arms across my chest. "Come into my room." She nodded her head and I followed. I sat down ontop of her desk. "I've got an assignment for you." She sucked in air and sat down. "Where to?" I chuckled. "Earth. Five teenage boys. You need to meet them. Protect them. Their going to sing at the X-factor. I need you to be there step by step. This is a life long assingment." What?! "And YOU want ME to do this?! Are you kidding?!" I screamed in shock. She nodded. This must be serious because she's asking me to do this. "Fine. I'll take it." Her eyes lit up. "Okay. Here are their profiles." She handed me five big fat files. Yeah, thanks. I got up and was halfway out the door when she stopped me. "Be careful, Crystal." I nodded. I'm always careful, shit. I walked out with a smile. I hope I made the right desicion. Damn, this better be worth it.

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