The light

It was those eyes that scared me, yet I was trapped in the dark I see a light I don't know if I'll make it but I'll try. I will survive no matter what I'll find a way out of this life I'll find love.(the cover is what she looks like)


2. special

Never love someone,

Who treats you like you're ordinary

- Oscar Wilde

It had been a week since the park incident. To say it was my best day it was. I want to call him but my dad.

"Alex!" He yelled from the kitchen. "Make some dinner for Ella." My father told me. Another whore i see I ran down stairs after that thought. I went into the kitchen."Hmmm..... Pasta." I took out the ingredients and started making moms recipe. I could feel the tears welding up in my eyes. I snapped my eyes closed and whispered to myself saying"Alex don't cry, don't you dare cry!" One tear escaped, I whipped it away quickly.

As soon as it was done I turned off the stove and started putting it on plates. I looked behind me and stuck my finger in the grabbing a middle with sauce and shoving it in my mouth. I looked behind me and their was dad looking angry. I was scared, really scared." Alex Mae Lopez what are you doing?!" " nothing" I replied. " really I just saw you put your finger in the pot." He then walked up to me. *slap* My check numb and stinging I don't move. " go to your room" he says pointing to the stairs.

I walk up the stairs thinking what if I left not being here out of sight or even better not here. Do I want to end my life? I sighed. I'm not special. I have to keep trying. The struggles I'm taking, I'm not breaking I will make it to the other side of the mountain.

I sit on my bed not moving, I'm hungry I think. I leave my room heading for the kitchen when I heard them going ohhh yeah ahh,"ewwww, gross!"I then walk into the kitchen and open the fridge and see some carrots and grab two and head back up stairs hearing them still doing the nasty deed. I gaged and went in my room, after eating the carrots I feel asleep.

The next day as I got up I felt something good was going to happen. She walked over to her closet and picked out a pair of black skinny jeans. She then took the white and black converse and went over to her dresser. I then dug through and took out a soprano. I know pretty nice stuff well my friend sends me stuff. I went over to my hat rack a took out a black beanie and put it on. I then grabbed my bag and headed down stairs for school.

As I got to school i saw girls walking up to a blond hair guy. "Keh, must be the new student the website for are school said." As I got closer I noticed who it was it was Niall, probably doesn't remember me.

" Hey Alex!" I heard someone shout. I turned around to be face with Niall." Hey." I mumbled. He smiled making butterfly's form in my stomach." Come on I need you help showing me around." He exclaimed.

"Hey Alex, you slut where ya going." I stopped in my tracks. I looked over my shoulder to see Alyssa. Niall looked behind me not looking to happy about what she said. When she caught up to us she commented"hey, cutie what you doing here especially with that?" His face was red and tears welled up in my eyes as I bowed my head. "Don't call her 'that' you bitch." I sneered. She looked shocked." Ptth what eve." She walked away." Are you ok." He asked. " yeah." I mumbled." Let's go."I told him as I tugged on his arm. We went inside. He smiled at me making me blush. "Someone's blushing." He teased. I blushed harder. He chuckled." Come on" we then headed for grist period.

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