The light

It was those eyes that scared me, yet I was trapped in the dark I see a light I don't know if I'll make it but I'll try. I will survive no matter what I'll find a way out of this life I'll find love.(the cover is what she looks like)


1. meeting

I crave a love so deep

the oceans jealous

I looked up at the sky hoping for answers. Why the Gods left me alone. I had no friends and I was bulled. If I had one wish it would be to be with my family. My true family not my step dad. I got up and sat on my bed. I fell asleep.

As I got up I went into the bathroom and took a shower. I got and put on a pair of zebra pattern skinny jeans. I took out a black tank top and put it on I then put on a big baggy DC sweatshirt from my friend Carsten( he moved). I put on some DC shoes. I grabbed my book bag and walked over to the closet and opened it. I grabbed my beanie and put it on. I then tiptoed outside and closed the door silently.

Once outside I sighed and started walking to school. I then saw them. Haley and Alyssa. Haley Mavis had red hair. She had her face caked with makeup. Then there was Alyssa her hair on each side of her face brown hair. I kept my head low so my bleached blond hair covered my sapphire eyes.

I stared to walk towards them then count bag or Alyssa said while having a cigaret in her mouth she yelled" hey bitch what's up you been crying over your mommy?" " yeah" agreed grease bag or Haley. I walked by them. " don't walk past me." I heard Alyssa say. I ran and as I turned the corner and fell my ass in pain. I looked up and saw him, Louis white the most popular guy in school.

He was my worst nightmare." Hey there crying already I see " he says. I looked down at my hands. Standing up I pushed past him letting the tears fall down my face. I finally felt numb like all the life force was sucked out of me.

As soon as I got to school I took my stuff and headed for my 1st hour. I sat down in the back. Not bothering to look at the teacher." MRS.LOPEZ" the teacher yelled. " what I mumbled not looking at him. His face was beet red. I smirked. This is totally not like me. " principles office now!" He yelled." Whateve." I didn't give a crap anymore. I grabbed my book bag and left.

I didn't go to the principle office I went out side for fresh air. Ok no going home. "Hmmm." I thought. "To the park!"I cheered. As I stared at the sidewalk I thought about mom her loving attitude, her personality, kindness, she was my mother and best friend. When I finally made it to western park I sat on a bench.

I sobbed, I missed her. Tears streamed down my face as I cried. I hugged my knees to my chest. " I want my mommy." I sobbed. "I miss her so much. I want my mom, give her back!" I yelled. I sobbed harder. I just wanted my mom. She was the light in my darkness.

-Niall's pov-

I saw a girl on the bench. She looked like she was crying. Being the person I am I walk over to her. " hey you alright." I asked. She looked up. Tears were still streaming down her face. What I didn't expect was her to latch on to me crying her heart out. I sat on the bench."I just want my mom." She mumbled." It's alright." I told her." Just let it all out". I whispered to her. As we sat their for a few minutest she stopped crying. " sorry for making you shirt wet." She mumbles." Aye love it's alright." I told her. She giggled." Thanks, my names Alex green." She told me." Niall." I told her winking. She blushed a pretty pink. " your really cute when you blush." I commented. I couldn't help it I wanted to see that blush darker. She blushed crimson. "T-t-thanks." She stuttered.

"Your also cute when you stutter." I say. Her blushed darkened." A filter aye." She says." Yep." "Thanks, for helping me, f.i.s.h. Fuck it shit happens, and you get a reward for helping me so close your eyes." She says. I close my eyes. I then feel something on my cheek. I opened my eyes blushing crimson."now your blushing she says in my ear causing a shiver to run down my spine." Yeah hears my number 715 2126754."( made up number so yeah) " here's mine 7158033753." " hope to see ya again mate." I say. Leaving here standing there in daze a blush coating her face.

-Alex's pov-

I watch him turn and leave me in a daze. Damn he has a nice ass and ohh look at his eyes. I guess something good happened out of this day.

~ ja ne


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