Mourning Star *Sequel to Michael's Best Friend*

Olivia and Michael have been going strong for the two years they've been dating. Things with her and Ashton are back to normal and it's like nothing ever happened. Everything is back to normal. Well, almost everything. Olivia gets a lot of hate from the 'Michael Girls' in the 5SOS Fam and she tries not to let it get to her, but it's hard not to. Her phone beeps almost every two seconds with hate messages from Twitter and cutting was her only escape. Michael knows she had cut twice, but not all the other times. Just like the first time she went for a tryout shoot for Victoria's Secret, they just airbrush over it and her manager knows all about it. He helps her and makes sure she's okay. One day the hate goes to far, and so does Olivia.


1. Prologue


We were caught up in the moment and now that moment's passed
And I believe our last memory was the best that we could have
I put my head up on your shoulder and asked why life is this way
You said it's not for me to worry about and we'll meet again some day

How can you be so selfish?
I don't fucking understand
How can you tell me you're leaving?
And I'm left here to move on and I can't

They're gonna have to throw me in with you
When they put you in the ground
'Cause I ain't letting go, there's no way
Over my dead body I'm not letting you back out

'Mourning Star' Blood On The Dance Floor ft. Hayley Rose



I waited in the hospital for someone to come and tell me what was going to happen to her. I had been waiting for an hour. What could possibly take that long? I wanted to yell at all the doctors who kept tell me to wait. I wanted to go and find her to see if she was okay. She can't die. She can't leave me. What would I do without her? She's my world. She was my happiness, the love of my life. The reason I woke up with a smile on my face everyday. I looked down at my blood stained shirt and blood drops on my jeans.

"Mike, it's gonna be okay." Calum put a hand on my shoulder.

"What if it isn't? How do you know everything will turn out fine?" I snapped.

"Don't think so negatively." Ashton frowned.

"It's kind of hard not to. Did you not hear what happened?" I asked.


"Yes, we did, but-"


"She told me she stopped. She promised never again. She promised to stay with me and never leave. She promised." I whispered the last part, fighting back tears cause I knew I shouldn't be crying.


"If she promised to stay, she'll stay." Luke told me.


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