Mourning Star *Sequel to Michael's Best Friend*

Olivia and Michael have been going strong for the two years they've been dating. Things with her and Ashton are back to normal and it's like nothing ever happened. Everything is back to normal. Well, almost everything. Olivia gets a lot of hate from the 'Michael Girls' in the 5SOS Fam and she tries not to let it get to her, but it's hard not to. Her phone beeps almost every two seconds with hate messages from Twitter and cutting was her only escape. Michael knows she had cut twice, but not all the other times. Just like the first time she went for a tryout shoot for Victoria's Secret, they just airbrush over it and her manager knows all about it. He helps her and makes sure she's okay. One day the hate goes to far, and so does Olivia.


3. One

Olivia's POV


From: Mikey-Poo <3

Skype meeee!


I giggled at his text and grabbed my laptop. I logged onto Skype and waited for him to answer.


"LIIIIIIVVVYYYYY!" Michael screamed as his face came into view on my screen.


"Hi, Mikey." I giggled.


"Are you in Sydney yet?" He asked.


"Yup, just got here a few hours ago." I nodded. I just turned eighteen so I decided to move back to Australia.


"I can hear your accent coming back already." He smiled.


"Oh?" I laughed.


"Yup." He nodded.


"So, when are you guys coming to Australia?" I asked.


"A couple weeks." He smiled wide.


"Yay." I clapped my hands.


"I see you still need to unpack." Michael laughed.


"Well, yeah." I said looking behind me.


"I miss you." Michael poked out his bottom lip.


"I miss you, too, Mikey." I frowned.


"I can't wait to come back and hug you and kiss you and-"


"Okay, Michael, we get it!" Calum yelled in the background, cutting him off. Michael rolled his eyes.


"Well, I really miss you." Michael said.


"I miss you too." I giggled.


"Calum, why can't we go home yet?" Michael asked him, looking to his right.


"Cause we have to do our shows here, then we go there." Calum said.


"But I want to go see Olivia." Michael said.


"We all want to see Olivia, but we have to wait." Calum said.


"What if I don't want to wait?" Micheal asked.


"Well, that's too bad. Now let me go to sleep." Calum said and Michael turned back to me.


"I'll see you in a few weeks?" Michael smiled wide.


"Yes, you will." I nodded.


"Loooooooove yooooou!" He yelled, causing Calum to yell at him again.


"Love you, too." I giggled and we ended the video chat. Now time to finish unpacking. 





Hope you like it ! :) xx

~Tonybear~ <3 :) (:

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