Mourning Star *Sequel to Michael's Best Friend*

Olivia and Michael have been going strong for the two years they've been dating. Things with her and Ashton are back to normal and it's like nothing ever happened. Everything is back to normal. Well, almost everything. Olivia gets a lot of hate from the 'Michael Girls' in the 5SOS Fam and she tries not to let it get to her, but it's hard not to. Her phone beeps almost every two seconds with hate messages from Twitter and cutting was her only escape. Michael knows she had cut twice, but not all the other times. Just like the first time she went for a tryout shoot for Victoria's Secret, they just airbrush over it and her manager knows all about it. He helps her and makes sure she's okay. One day the hate goes to far, and so does Olivia.


2. Olivia

Heeeyyy! My name is Olivia, but you probably already know that form the previous book. Well that up there, ^^^^^^, is what I look like now! I dyed my hair brown but the blonde made it like a caramel color and sometimes it looks blonde and other times it looks brown and I don't even know what color it is anymore. Anywaayy! If you read the other book, you would know that Ashton and I are no longer dating! Oliviashton is no longer a thing. I'm sorry. But not me and Michael are dating! So #michaelivia. I do get a lot of hate from all them Michael Girls but yea we'll get into that another time. But everything is nice and okay with me and Ashton so it's allllllll good!


I am still friends with The Wanted boys and the 1D boys! I don't hang out with all them together tho... I am officially a Victoria's Secret Angel! I do modeling for a lot of their products as well as other companies such as Holister, Aeropostale, Forever21, American Eagle, Cover Girl, etc.


Well, I hope you like the story of my new life and all the crazy things and people in it!

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