Never Let me go

I ran away exactly 1 year ago. From my abusive parents. I left my bestfriend Tara, and my boyfriend Josh. I broke up with Josh right before I left. He didn't know I was leaving. Nor did he or Tara know about my parents. I didn't tell Tara I was leaving either. I took some money I secretly saved from my job, instead of giving it to my parents. And, used that to get a bus to New York. I meet someone there. Then Josh found me. Who to choose? Who do I love?


1. Chapter 1 -Running Away-

Chapter 1 -Running Away-

-Jamie's P.O.V.-

I grabbed the little money I was able to sneak from my parents. That I got from work. I slowly packed the few items I had. Which are: My leather jacket. My beautiful emerald green dress with black mixed in, Tara got me. My only pair of jeans. My only pair of black leather leggings. My black boots with a buckle and zippers. My black nail polish. My foundation I used to hide all the bruises. My phone, Josh got me. And my white tank top, and grey tank top. My hair brush. And, finally my deodorant. I just had broken up with Josh, and I was crying like crazy. I turned off my light, and quietly unlocked the lock on my window, and slowly opened it. I glanced outside. I slowly climbed out and let my legs dangle. I let out a deep breath and jumped. I looked. Still alive. I ran and ran and ran. Until I got to the bus stop. "Hello. How may I help you?" "One bus ticket to New York please." "That will be $20 please." I handed her the money. I sighed. I think I'm finally free.


The first few chapters will be set in the past and then it will skip a year to where Josh comes. That is why it say 1 year ago, in the video, and in the description. Thank yew!


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