Kidnapped for being sexy

This girl is kidnapped for being sexy, And harry styles rapes her and she loves Niall and then she has sex with Niall then harry finds out and abuses her.


1. Kidnapped

~Lillians pov~ Lillian got up and put on her dance outfit did her makeup and put all of it in her purse. Packed her stuff a lot of clothes to get ready to spend the night at her friend Sophie's house Lillian: Mom I'm gonna be late Mom: OK honey see you after your dance class Lillian: OK bye mom love you Mom: love you to Lillian walks out the door and goes to her car and puts her stuff in the car gets in and drives to her dance class and gets out and goes in. *a while later* Lillian gets out of dance class grabs her bags and a car pulls up to her and a voice is heard Deep voice: get in Lillian: no Deep voice: I SAID GET IN!!! Lillian: um OK here are my bags She puts them in the car and someone pulls her in Lillian: AHHHHHHHH!!!! SORRY IT OS SHORT RIGHT NOW IT IS 9:46 WHEN I FINISHED THIS SO STICK WITH ME MY LITTLE DASHIES I LOVE YA. :-)
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