Our Story

The story is about a girl who's had a rough life, then a new boy transfers into her class and changes her in the process changes him as well. This story does get dirty so younger readers shouldn't read.


3. Party Time

(Haleys POV) When I came downstairs Harry was already ready his hair done and outfit on. On the other hand I still needed to get dressed and do my hair and makeup. He seen me and his eyes glowed. "What are you starring at?" i asked. "You're so god damn beautiful." He came over to me and picked me up and swung me around. Doing so my towel fell off in the process. "oops" he said. I laughed then picked it up and went upstairs to go get ready. I was kind of hoping he would follow me but he didn't so I actually go ready. When I came back downstairs again, he looked at me in a different way, i again asked him what he was starring at. "How did I end up with someone as beautiful and wonderful as you?" he said. I laughed "you're delusional, come on let's go" We drove to Harry's friends flat and listened to Coldplay the whole way their. He had told me before it was his favorite band so I bought him their album. When we pulled up the guy in my last class with the Irish accent greated us, Harry introduced us. "Haley this is Niall, Niall this is Haley." "Hi nice to meet you officially " he said. "officially?" Harry repeated. "Yeah I may have asked him who you were." I laughed. "Want anything to drink love?" "No i'm fine, Niall where's your bathroom?" "Down the hall to the left it's the second door" "thanks" I walked to the bathroom only to find Zayn and Perrie sucking face with each other. They both looked up at me and got scared. "I'm sorry to interupt I just needed to use the restroom i'll go to another one where's another one?" "upstairs in the master bedroom" Zayn said. "Thanks and sorry again" When I was going upstairs I heard my phone go off. "From Curly Fries(; :Hey beautiful where are you at? I miss you! xx" "To Curly Fries(; : going to the master bedroom, Zayn and Perrie are were in the one Niall directed me to. o.o" I opened the door no one was in their "thank god" i said under my breath. Within seconds someone wrapped their arms around me and carried me to the bed. I couldn't stop laughing. "Harry what are you doing?" "Attempting to be cute and charming is it working?" "of course you are always love." "are you ready to go home yet or do you want to stay a little longer?" he said "i am getting a little bit tired, and tomorrow I have a job interview." We went home and I went to the shower. "Need company?" Harry asked. "I think i'll be fine, but just in case you want to come to save me if I slip then you can join" I teased. When I got in I started singing any song to pop in my head not realizing he could be listening, when I sang a song he recognized he joined in. "Harry! You scared me!" "haha i'm sorry gorgeous, you sing beautifully" "as do you" when I got out he had the towel ready for me and wrapped it around me. "I'm not gonna do anything just yet so don't get your expectations high" "I know, what do you want to eat I feel like making something real quick." "How about hot chocolate?" i asked "Sounds good I'll make that and make some sweetcorn then you meet me downstairs so we can watch Love actually or Fight club?" "Alright, hmm Love actually" I answered. 


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