Our Story

The story is about a girl who's had a rough life, then a new boy transfers into her class and changes her in the process changes him as well. This story does get dirty so younger readers shouldn't read.


6. New Job

When I woke up I was greeted by Harry starring at me. "Hello gorgeous, how do you feel love?" "Fine, really fine how did you sleep?" i asked "great" he answered. "ready to go to school?" "i completely forgot we had school" he said. We got up and got dressed. "do you want to drive or should i?" I asked. "I'll drive he insisted" The car ride was not like normal, then my phone rang. "Hello?" i said "Hi is this Haley Donalds?" the man asked "This is she." "Hello I would like to inform you, that we did find an opening, you will be manager of a band named One Direction you start tomorrow at noon" "oh my gosh really thank you so much!" i hung up the phone and told Harry the good news. He looked pale and stunned. "What's wrong, do you know the band?!" "Very well." he says "Great tell me about them so I know what to expect!" "Well there's five boys, Louis, Zayn, Niall, Liam, and me..." "Wait and you?" I asked. "Yes me, that's my band, I was the one who actually named it." "This is great we'll be working together!" i said.

(Harry's POV) oh great was all I could think of. I love Haley so much. But how could I have her be the boss of me 24/7? I'm afraid this is gonna ruin our relationship. We pulled into school, I opened her car door and walked her to class. We talked a little then the bell rang and put my hands on her face and kissed her how I know she likes. When I looked at her she looked star struck and as if she was about to pass out. I lefted the classroom and Taylor was at my locker. "So you're with that tramp now?" she asked. "she isn't a tramp, but yes i'm finally with someone I love and loves me." She through me a dirty look and walked off mocking my accent. "It's true then? You're dating our new manager? Wasn't she at Nialls party on Saturday?" I turned around to see Liam behind me "Yes, but I met her before she got the job. And we just started dating as well as I haven't seen you to tell you." I told Liam. "Well i'm glad you're happy Harry, you need her." he said. At lunch Haley sat at our table with the boys and I. She decided to introduce herself then allowed me to introduce her. Her phone went off and she had a sad look on her face. "What's wrong love?" I asked her.

"You're ex, Taylor, she messaged me on facebook." She said

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