I need you

A girl named Annabeth moved to England to be away from the horrible life that she had in the U.S. She's smart, nice, but dosnt have a lot of friends. She thinks her life is going to be lonely forever until she meets a guy.....


21. Chapter 21

We have been together for a little bit now, and every morning I have been awaken with love messages and every night he would Text me "goodnight baby, love you"

Louis POV:

I love Anna so much I just want to spend the rest of my life with her. I Just really wish I could spend every single night on the other side of her bed looking at her beautiful face as she sleeps. That sounds kind of stalkerish but I mean who wouldn't want to look at her face ? She's beautiful. I'm gonna ask her if I could go over to her apartment

"Hey beautiful, Can I come over ?"

"Yes of course ! I really want to see your glamorous face "

"Same bae ! Alright see you later "

"Byeee ! Mwah "

Anna's POV

Omgggg I can't wait to see him ! I haven't seen him in a week ! I mean that's a LONG time for us cause we would always go to see each other everyday but for some reason we haven't for a whole week. I was starting to feel like I was getting lonely, cause everyday he would be with me-

I got a text from Jake,

" heyy I miss you "

"Oh umm hey "

" your not going to say I miss you back ?"

"Oh sorry I miss you too " I really don't

" that's better. Soo umm how's it over there ?"

"Great ! "

"What's going on, it seems like your really happy"

" oh umm its just very fun over here" well actually its really amazing cause me and Louis are dating and he actually makes me feel loved. But I shouldn't include that in the text cause he will get jealous

" oh well I was thinking of buying you tickets to come back over to the US so that we can hang out, as friends "

" Jake its really nice of you to do that but I just don't want to leave the UK, I like it over here "

"Oh okay, and I got to go, bye "


Ugh I hate it when he tries to get me to go over there. But oh well I mean it's still nice of him to offer to buy my ticket though.

Should I have told him me and Louis are dating ? I mean he's going to get really jealous but I mean he should know.

I think I want to repaint my bedroom walls, I'm starting to not like the color of it.

" babe ! I'm here " Louis says while he walks in

"Oh my god I haven't seen you in forever bae !" I scream while I jump/hug him

"I know bae! I was starting to feel lonely"

"Ugh me too. Can you stay with me tonight, I don't want to be lonely"

"Of course, I would spend every single night with you if I were able to "

"Why can't you " I ask

" because, you never asked me"

"Oh well, do you want to ?

"Does this answer your question "

He says then kisses me. That kiss lasted about three minutes, not that long, at least for us.

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