Forbidden: A Deadpool Fan-Fic

What happens when you find out that you're Wolverine's daughter? Well, a lot happens. But what if you fall in love with your dad's enemy?
NOTE: if you're not familiar with various Marvel comics/ comic characters I strongly suggest NOT reading this.

WARNING: This Movella contains strong language and sexual innuendo. Read at your own risk.


19. 19. Broken

As the woman drags me into the room, it lights up. I see Gambit, Rogue, Cyclopes, Beast, Storm, Professor X and my dad. They're all tied up along with The Avengers and The Fantastic 4. "Ashley!" Yells my dad. "Oh m-mg God! No!" I cry, running towards my dad. I'm stopped by a force field. There's a force pulling me towards the evil bitch, Amora. "Stop it!" I demand. I get thrown against a wall. "Ah!" I scream as my body makes contact with the wall. I fall to the ground. Suddenly, green smoke surrounds me. After it disappears, I feel different. A bit weaker. Amora walks up to me. "Now we just wait for your buffoon." She laughs. I try punching her, she grabs my arm and twists it. "Fuck!" I scream in pain. Shit... my healing factor. It's gone. Amora pushes me to the wall. She holds a knife to my throat. "Don't even try fighting back, wretch." She bitterly says. I hang my head in defeat. She uses her magic to sit me on a chair and tie up my hands and feet. I start tearing up. I hear a loud hiss. I quickly look down... a boa constrictor. Tears roll down my cheeks. The enormous snake starts coiling around me. This is definitely the end.

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