Forbidden: A Deadpool Fan-Fic

What happens when you find out that you're Wolverine's daughter? Well, a lot happens. But what if you fall in love with your dad's enemy?
NOTE: if you're not familiar with various Marvel comics/ comic characters I strongly suggest NOT reading this.

WARNING: This Movella contains strong language and sexual innuendo. Read at your own risk.


11. 11. The Secret Date

I wake up at noon. I groan as I get outta bed. I go to the kitchen and make some toast. As I'm about to bite into a slice of toast, I get a text. It's from Deadpool.

D: Hey. Wanna hang out later? :)

A: Are u asking me out? Hehe ;p

D: How'd ya guess? ;p

A: Lucky guess. ;p

D: Come to my house at midnight?

A: I'll be there. :)

D: Okay :D

"Hey, mind if I sit down?" Asks Cyclops, walking into the kitchen. "No, go ahead." I reply, smiling. Cyclops sits across from me. "So what's your actual name?" I ask him. "Scott." He replies. "Oh cool." I smile. As Scott and I are talking, someone grabs my toast. "What the hell?!" I exclaim. I hear Gambit and Scott laugh. "Ugh. Gambit I was gunna eat that." I say, rolling my eyes. "Sorry petite, I'm starving." He says. "Whatever." I say, sticking out my tongue out at him. Cyclops leaves the kitchen and Gambit takes a seat at the table. "You look tired." Gambit points out. "I am tired." I reply. "Didn't sleep well?" He asks. "Uh... yea..." I lie. "Stop lying." He says, running his fingers through his scruffy, brown hair. "I'm not lying." I lie again. God, I don't like lying to him. "Yes you are." He argues. "Maybe." I say, looking down. "Tell me what you did." He says, lifting my head up. "Why do you assume I DID something?" I smirk. "Stop trying to change the subject, cher." He sighs. "You have to promise not to tell anyone." I say. "I won't." He promises. "I snuck out to see Deadpool." I whisper. "What?!" He shouts. "Shut up!" I say in a loud-ish whisper. "Sorry Ash. But why?" He asks. "He's my friend." I admit. "Whatever makes you happy." He huffs. "I'm meeting him tonight. If anyone asks, I'm at my friend's house. Got it?" I say, sternly. "Okay petite." He replies. "Okay good." I smile.

The rest of the day drags on. Finally it's time to leave. I get dressed. I put on a black crop top with a white skull on it. I pair that with white denim short shorts and black Chuck Taylors. I apply my makeup, I go with black eyeliner, mascara and red lipstick. I sneak out, avoiding the security cameras. I get to his house and knock on the door. "Hey Ash. You look great!" Wade greets me. "Thanks." I blush. Deadpool lets me inside. There's food on the table in the living room. Chinese takeout. "You hungry?" He asks, looking at the food. "Yup!" I reply. We sit down and eat. "Mmm this tastes good." I say, as I'm about to take another bite of food. "That's what she said!" He shouts. I nearly choke on my food from laughing. "You okay?" Chuckles Wade. "Yeah." I giggle. Deadpool gets up to throw away the takeout containers. "Damn Wade, how tall are you?" I ask. "Taller than you." He laughs. "Ha ha, very funny. But really." I say. "I'm 6 foot 2." He says. "I'm only 5 foot 2." I frown. Deadpool sits next to me. "You're cute. It's okay." He whispers in my ear. Talk about turn on. I giggle and probably blush. "Wade, why don't you take off your mask?" I ask him. "You wouldn't like what's underneath." He says, sadness filling his voice. "Nothing could change the way I feel about you." I whisper. "And how do you feel about me, Ashley?" He asks. "I like you a lot, Wade." I tell him. "I really like you too Ash." He says. I smile. He takes my hand. "If I show you my face... promise you won't run away?" He asks. "I promise." I say, kissing his cheek. Deadpool slowly takes off his mask, revealing his heavily scarred face and bald head. I just look at him. "I'm ugly." He sighs, he buries his head in his hands. "You're not ugly Wade, your far from it." I say. He looks up at me. "Y-you're lying." He says in a shaky voice. He's about to cry. "I'm not." I whisper. I lean in and kiss him. He's shocked when our lips first touch, but after a moment, he kisses me back. We break the kiss after about 10 seconds. I smile and look into my eyes. He looks surprised. "You just- I mean we just. Wow." He stammers. I giggle, checking my phone. "Oh my God! It's already 5 in the morning!" I exclaim. "Do you have to leave?" Asks Wade. "Yeah. I'm really sorry Wade!" I say, feeling bad. "It's okay Ash." He smiles. He walks me to the door. "Thanks Wade. I had a great time." I say, hugging him. "I had fun too." He says. "Bye!" I say, walking away. He waves and closes the door. The sun is just starting to rise. It's beautiful. I make it back home at 5:13. I sneak back inside. I get to my room and turn on the lamp. I quickly put on one of Gambit's t-shirts he gave to me. He actually have me a few of his old ones. They're long enough for me to wear as PJ's. I brush my teeth. I don't bother taking off my makeup. I'm way to fucking tired. I plug in my phone and flop onto my bed, drifting to sleep.

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