More than a best friend

They grew up together, but when he left her to join the band after a few months apart he found out how much she meant to him and how he couldn't live without her. But does she feel the same way?
this is a story about two best friends.


2. the date?

. "Aren't you tired do you want me to set you a bed? You can crash in Libby's room" she point down the hallway "Libby?" She nodded placing back the ice pack on his cheek.

" my roommate rent is a killer on this place!" He doesn't to say much, it seemed like he was lost in his thoughts. " can't I just crash with you? I want my snuggle buddy" they hadn't slept in the same bed since they were 13 yrs old.

" Styles aren't we too old for snuggling?" Ever since he was away from her he hadn't realized how much he missed her as a best friends but a women as well. After a few weeks of touring it finally clicked he was in love with his best friend.

He didn't want to scare her off if that happened their whole lifetime friendship would fall down the drain. "Ones never to old to snuggle" she bursted into laughter, he was happy to be by her side again to see her this happy.

The evening went by pretty quickly after the movie the two were getting ready for bed, when Minerva come out of the bathroom she found a half naked Harry going through his suitcase. " Shirts aren't your thing anymore?" He laughed at her joke turning around to face her; her eyes were fixated on his chest for some reason.

" Shut your face you got them!!" He was confused for a second until she touched his sparrow tattoo.

" It really looks good in the end I'm happy you got it!" A year ago Harry begged Minerva to draw him a few sparrows for a tattoo he was planning on getting. He watched her face glow as she stared at the details of his tattoo unable to see his face turning bright red. He was in love with his best friend. He had always been but it's after leaving and being separated from her he was able to realize how much she meant to him.

"You're tickling me". He said, grabbing your hands as she tried to poke him back. " Still ticklish?" She tried going for his stomach but he stopped her. " Yes! It's not like I want to be" she accidentally tripped on her left foot and landed on top of him as he fell on her bed. The two stared at each other for a few seconds when harry reached out to her brushing the strings of hair hiding her eyes.

" Minerva I-- just before he say anything else her phone rang. " sorry styles!" She hopes out of bed looking over at her phone. " Hello?" He watched her smile brightly listening to the person at the end of the line, "does she smile like that when she talks to me?" He wondered. " Tonight?" She looked over to Harry who was trying to figure out what she was talking about. " Maybe for a few hours sure! See you in a bit" when she hung up she crawled to harry side and giving him a puppy eye look.

" Who was that and what do you want?" " It’s Ashton he's a guy who works with me at the karaoke joint. Anyways I really like him and he happen to want to chill with me tonight, so is it cool if I leave for 2-3hrs you can just chill here and feel free to eat whatever" like...did she say she liked him? How did he not know of this? Wasn't he her best friend? " Harry? What are you thinking of?" She waved her hand in front of his face pulling him back into reality.

" Yeah sure I'll wait here" she thanked him and rushed to change clothes she grabbed a black blink 182 crop shirt along with a vintage jean shorts. She then grabbed her grey beanie to complete her look. " I look okay?" She asked him she looked amazing beautiful as always. " So it's ugly?" She concluded due to his silence.

" No no it's nice you look nice" he managed to tell her trying this get these strange ideas of his best friend out of his mind. When the door bell rung he got up to find a tall brown-headed boy waiting in the doorway. " Hey is Minerva home?"

" Ashton I'll be right out grabbing me bag" harry introduced himself but it seemed Ashton knew him. " You’re harry styles nice to meet you I've heard a lot about you and your band you guys are amazing" no matter how much he wanted to hate this guy he couldn't bring himself to! He was too nice he could see why Minerva would like him. " I'm ready!" She said joining the two boys"

Ashton complimented her on hey look, harry watched her cheeks turn bright red his heart was aching. " I'll be back soon harry see ya" she grabbed Ashton's arm and dragged him out.

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