Sofia's Story- Goblet of Fire

Sofia enters Hogwarts in Harry Potter's fourth year, the year of the Triwizard Tournament and the return of Voldemort. She is a member of the Adema line, the oldest and most powerful pure blood family alive. The timing of her entry to Hogwarts is no coincidence. She has a secret that she can tell no one. She is cursed to a life that gives her no free will.


3. Draco

Draco looked over the letter to his father one last time.

Dear Father,

As we await the beginning of the Triwizard Tournament, I have important news to tell you.  And Adema has come to Hogwarts.  She was put into Gryffindor.  If you ask my opinion, that is a waste of a perfect pure blood.  No doubt she will marry one of their filthy blood traitors or a mudblood and ruin the line of most prestigious magical family in the world. It is a waste of talent and power.  She would have been much more successful here in Slytherin.

He signed the letter and slipped it into an envelope.  He sealed it and addressed it, then handed it to his gray owl.

“Take this to my father” he said, and the owl took off.


Draco opened the envelope.  He had a two letters, one from his mother and one from his father.  He opened the one from his father first.


I was interested in the news of the Adema girl at Hogwarts.  No doubt there is a reason for her enrollment at a school so far from her home.  I would advise you to try and make friends with her.  Despite her place in Gryffindor, she is a pure blood and from an extremely prestigious family.  I have not yet forgotten the roll her parents played in the rise of the Dark Lord before their daughter’s birth.  Do not ask questions about this.  I cannot answer them.  I cannot help but suspect that there is a plot arising that the girl may be a crucial part of.

The letter ended like that, and Draco was disappointed that his father had not said more.  He had no idea that the Adema family had been involved with the Dark Lord.  They lived so far away and always seemed to keep out of power struggles.  He did not believe that they possibly could have been Death Eaters.  He opened the letter from his mother.

My dear Draco,

Your father told me that Sofia Adema is attending Hogwarts.  This is such exciting news!  I had the pleasure of meeting her parents many years ago.  They were delightful people, a true example of what a proper magical family should look like.  I know your father mentioned that they were involved with the Dark Lord.  Though he would not say more to you, I think it is important to point out that they were not Death Eaters, though the services provided were worthy of the position.  You should be proud that your school has inherited such a fine young witch.  It would do well for you to associate yourself with her.  On another note, I miss you very much.  The house always seems so much emptier when you leave.  Sometimes I wish that your father and I had more children so that I had someone to care for, someone to watch out for while you are away.  Yet you have made me so proud throughout your life, especially over the past four years with your many achievements at school.  I love you so much and cannot wait for your return.

Draco rolled his eyes at his mother’s ending.  She was always gushing over him and babying him so much.  Did she not realize that he was almost a man, that he was not the same little boy whose hair she had combed and clothes she had picked out for him?

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