Will They Make It Through High School???? (Hannah And Charles)

This story follows around Hannah who is a typical daddy’s girl; she cares about two things her grades and her virginity and Charles who is the typical high school bad boy; he only cares about one thing himself But when summer love happens between the opposites and Hannah is supposed to go back to England Will their love stand a chance?


2. On The Beach

Hannah I sure am gonna miss you when you go back to England after the summer, Charles said.

Charles I'm gonna miss you to love Hannah replied , grabbing Charles hand.

But Hannah this has been the best summer ever and I love you so much

Shhhhhhh Hannah said putting her finger on his mouth and  interrupting him lets not talk about when we aren't together lets just focus on now when we are.

Ok but we will have to talk abut it sometime. Charles was going to say but he could tell she already knew.

Babe care for a little stroll down the beach he said

you're getting better at the British terminology Hannah said.

is that a yes???

it's a most definitely Hannah said

And the two love struck teenagers walked down the beach hand in hand  without a care in the world.

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