Will They Make It Through High School???? (Hannah And Charles)

This story follows around Hannah who is a typical daddy’s girl; she cares about two things her grades and her virginity and Charles who is the typical high school bad boy; he only cares about one thing himself But when summer love happens between the opposites and Hannah is supposed to go back to England Will their love stand a chance?


10. A Romantic Dinner And Dance Part One

Ok Babe I will be back in 2 hours to pick you up

Hannah stood on her tippy toes and kissed him on the cheek and said I cant wait


Hannah was wearing a deep red strapless sweetheart maxi dress that that a beaded bodest and Silver studded heels

Charles was wearing a black structured blazer a baby blue button down under with a few buttons unbuttoned and extremely dark wash denim jeans with some black extremely shiny dress shoes

Charles came to the door with a corsage and he knocked on the door in a very rhythmic style

Good evening sir he said to Hannah's Dad

Good Evening  her dad replied

Honey Charles is here he her dad yelled up the stairs

when all of a sudden Hannah comes out of the bathroom in her dress and heels

Hannah you are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen Charles said to her

You look really handsome to Hannah replied

Well dad I will see you at midnight  Hannah said to her father

Charles said we will see you at 11:30


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