The Step-Sister of Zayn Malik

A 15 year old gurl named Lucy
discovering that she has a step brother named Zayn Malik from One Direction... But there's a secret about Zayn's best mate Harry who always seem to be different...


4. The Talk....

(No One's p.o.v)

They finally made it to the house, Lucy settled into her room she absolutely loved it she unpacked everything and just relaxed and finished her homework...

(Lucy's p.o.v)

As soon as I finished my hw I went wandering around the house and start finding Harry's room I actually found Niall's room I asked where's Harry's room and he said it's right next to him.. I went and knocked and said it's Lucy...

(Harry's p.o.v)

Damn it I need to be ready, calm down and be cool...

I said come in... She walked in and damn she looked beautiful even though she wore a t shirt and skinny jeans.. Harry stop thinking to you self and talk to her...

H: Harry L: Lucy

H: Hi love

L: ( Did he call me love? Aww how cute) Hi Harry you wanted to talk to me about something?

H: Oh yeah it's that I'm happy you're here and I have to tell you something about myself that i didn't tell anyone even the guys...

L: Why are telling me? I just kinda met you

H: You seem trustworthy I can see it in your eyes

L: Oh... Then what is it?

H: I-I'm in love with you...

L: Harry?

H: Yes and I'm so sorry if I freak you out or made you uncomfortable

L: Harry I love you too... Since I-I first saw your audition on the x-factor...

L: Yeah I sound like a control freak...

H: I think it's adorable and here's your present...

He took out a box and open it... It was a locket it says:

Your my heart and beautiful wonderful life 💕

(Lucy's p.o.v)

I kissed him on the cheek and said thank you and he asked to be his girl and I said yes of course and he kissed me in the lips and it felt sweet and passionate

(Harry's p.o.v)

I stopped the kiss and put the necklace on her and we started to cuddle and chatted

L: Harry? Are we gonna tell the guys or Zayn?

H: No love, not yet I don think it's time

L: Ok Harry ( I smiled)

(No One's p.o.v)

Lucy got a text from Zayn saying you done packing?

She texted back saying yeah and she's just talking to Harry about the Take Me Home tour

Zayn texted back saying ok but come down the guys and I wanna watch movie with you it's Kick Ass 2 ( idk if it's out but I freaking wanna watch tht movie!!!)

She literally screamed and wondered how he knew she liked that movie and wanted to watch it... Harry got scared and asked what's wrong. She laughed and told him it's about a movie she absolutely love and wanna watch.

Before they went Harry kissed her for a few moments and said that should keep me calm down for the whole movie as he smiled cheekily and both went downstairs...

(Louis' p.o.v)

I know something's up with Harry and Lucy hmmmmm I sorta laughed...I bet they're dating I just know it but for me if they are i hope they understand I can keep the secret...

I heard Lucy scream when say it on...

Lucy looked and...

(Lucy's p.o.v)

Hey watcha looking at can I girl enjoy a movie she loves? *in a British accent*

I was shocked when that accent came with my sentence I said what the hell?

Liam just laughed and said someone has their accent kicked in and someone has her sass like Louis ( haha idk)

Harry whispered in my ear and she how cute you have your accent..

I blushed and bit my lip (yes she has some habits like Zayn)

Someone screamed and said "WE GOT A BLUSHER!!!!" It was Niall

I frowned and said can we watch the freaking movie?!!! Wow where did that attitude came from I quickly said sorry and I hid my face in a pillow and watched the movie while hiding my face

(Harry's p.o.v)

I say next to her and put my arm around and she relaxed on to me

(No One's p.o.v)

They watched the movie and....

Hope you liked this chapter :)

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