The One and Only

Laya and her friends go to a one direction concert. They were going to go home afterwards until Louis comes up to her and her friends and ask them if they would like to come and hang out at their place. What will happen??? Will any of them fall in love or will they be captured and scared for the rest of their lives???


6. The power



Laya pov


So after our shower we got dressed and went down stairs and Louis had a blood bag and I had some chips and yes I can eat some human food because I am not just a vampire. We talked to the boys and the girls for a little bit then I said I am tired and I went to bed.


The next day...


I woke up in Louis arms and he said moring princess and I said back morning carrot boy. He asked " would you do the honors of being my girlfriend and of coarse I said yes then he smashed his lips into mine.

We both got out of bed and I did my normal routine of getting dressed , doing my hair ,then a little bit of makeup last. When we were done with our morning routines we went down stairs and saw the others were up.


 Zayn pov


I saw Louis and the girl come down stairs. She looks so familiar but I don't know who she is. I asked Louis if we could show the girls on what our powers are and then they show us theirs and he said ya why not have a little bit of a challenge at it to. So we all went outside and we figured out who was going to be first which of coarse had to be Louis and I ended up being his dummy. Louis power is he can have people black out and not know what is going on, and  controls the weather. Next was harry and Niall was his dummy. Harry's power is hypnosis. Then it was Liams turn and his dummy was Harry. Liams power is he puts a bubble around us that can keep us safe while we fight and can talk to a human without his throat burning unlike the rest of us. Niall was next and his dummy was liam. Nialls power is to heal people. My power was next and Louis was my dummy. My power is I can sense when something bad is going to happen and I can also sense who and when someone is being attacked and how many are going to attack.


Laya pov


Ok since we just found out your guys powers let us show ours to you. I went first and I chose harry to be my dummy. My powers are I can sense when bad things happen, I can use my mind to throw people, I know how to control people by mind, and I have hysteria. Kenze was next and she chose Zayn as her dummy. Kenze ( hybrid ) power is to hypnosis and can disappear and reappear. Then it was Lil's turn and she chose Niall as her dummy. Lil's (cast speller and vampire) power is to find out what we are up against to know what mode to go in and then she sends mind messages to the amount of people that we will need to fight the fight.

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