The One and Only

Laya and her friends go to a one direction concert. They were going to go home afterwards until Louis comes up to her and her friends and ask them if they would like to come and hang out at their place. What will happen??? Will any of them fall in love or will they be captured and scared for the rest of their lives???


5. My family



Laya pov


I can't believe I just told him I was zayn and harry's cousin, even though it is true. So since I only have a couple hours till my date with Louis I better go get my things from my house.

I walk up to my front door and I start to feel like something bad is happening at my house. So I walk in and then it hits me. My dad is having sex with my moms sister tay. I cant believe it so without saying a word I ran to my room slammed my door shut and started packing and then I grabbed my keys and ran out of the house with my suitcase crying my eyes out and hopped in my car and drove back to the boys house. My dad didn't even try to run after me. I can't believe he did that to my mom. I finally made it back to the boys house and Louis was outside waiting for me. I jumped out of my car and ran to him and I hugged him. He asked me what was wrong and I told him everything and he said I would kill him for making you sad and for cheating on your mom if he wasn't the strongest vampire alive. I said can we please do the date tomorrow cause I am not in the mood to do anything right now. He said yes anything for you princess. We got my stuff and went into the house and I asked him where I would be staying and he said with me if that is alright with you and I said yes. 
 So I put my stuff in his room and layed down.


Louis pov


I cant believe her dad would do that to her and her mom . That makes me angry that he did that to them. I walked upto my room and saw her laying down. I decided to lay down next to her and cuddle with her hoping it would take her mind off things and make her feel better.


Niall pov


I am having a great time with the boys and the other two girls until I saw the girl Louis had come in with her suitcase with teardyed cheeks. Then a few minutes later Louis walks in and his eyes are a different color which means he is pissed off about something. I don't think he is pissed off at her but someone else. I was going to ask him if everything is alright but I didn't want to disturb them. So I just sent him a mind message and asked if he was ok and he sent one back saying yes.


Laya pov


I saw Louis come in the room and he layed down next to me and we cuddled for a couple hours and then I said I needed to take a shower. He asked if he could take one with me and I said yes. For some reason I don't want to be away from him at all. I just want him at my side at all times. I knew he was reading my mind when I heard him start giggling and said I feel the same way.

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