The One and Only

Laya and her friends go to a one direction concert. They were going to go home afterwards until Louis comes up to her and her friends and ask them if they would like to come and hang out at their place. What will happen??? Will any of them fall in love or will they be captured and scared for the rest of their lives???


10. Date





Laya pov


I have been staying with one direction for about two weeks now and I have never been as happy as I am now. Louis and I are going away for the weekend just the two of us and I have no clue where we are going because he won't tell me.




Louis pov


Boys come meet me in the meeting place in five, I yelled. They all yelled back in unison ok.

Ok, so did you get the place ready because I have decided we are leaving tonight. Yes, liam says it is all finished for your romantic get away for the weekend. Ok thx boys for doing all this, I said. Your welcome they all said in unison. Ok im going to finish packing and then we will be on our way.


Laya pov


I am done packing Louis, I yelled. Ok I will be up in a minute to grab our bags and then we will leave so go tell everyone bye, Louis said. Ok I will. I told everyone bye and now we are leaving the house, but he still wont tell me where we are going but I think we are going to the little cabin on the border which is his most favorite place to go. We finally arrived at the place we where going and of course I was right. This place is beautiful Louis!!! I love it, I shouted. Then Louis came over and smashed his lips to mine and then picked me up and carried me in to the cabin. When we pulled apart I told Louis we should go get the bags and bring them in. Ok fine Louis says as he stomps away.

We finally get everything brought in and then we started getting hungry so we both grabbed a blood bag and sat and watched a movie while cuddling. Then things started to heat up and you know how it goes on from their.



Zayns pov


well Louis left so I guess its just us and the other two girls for the next couple days. I was in the kitchen talking to the boys when I smelt something weird I think it was a werewolf. I went to ask kenze if she smelt that weird smell and she said yes its a werewolf and their are 3 of them. Ok boys their are werewolves in our territory and we have to take care of it, I said. Well then we are coming with you then , the girls announced. fine then. We finally met up with the wolves. What are you doing on my property , I said with a stern voice, and who is your alpha? The girl in the middle puts her head down and walks behind a tree to transform as the other two do too.  I am the alphess the one that put her head down before she walked behind a tree said. What is your name, why are you on our property and what pack are you from? I said. Im sapphire Illyana Hale ,and I am from the blue moonshine pack, she said. Well you still haven't answered my question on why you are here. We just moved here and are exploring the lands. Kenze, mind messages me and says she is lying. Tell me the real reason you are here I said aggravaited now. I am really here because I had the feeling my mate was on this land. Is she lying I mind messaged kenze. No she said. Ok and who do you think is your mate, I asked. You she said, I stood there shocked. Kenze mind messaged me and said it was true. I walked up to her and grabbed her hands to see if it was true or not and it was I am her mate. You know im a vampire right I asked her and she said yes. You are now apart of my pack, she told me. Ok, and now you are apart of my pack I said. I went up to her and smashed my lips into hers and it was an amazing feeling. we pulled apart and she introduced me to the two betas ( illyana her twin sister and donte her nephew). Nice to meet you I said. I will see you tomorrow then come over to my house so I can get to know you better, I said. Ok she said and we kissed once more then we went our separate ways.






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