Half A Heart

"I love you, Ky. But I think it is time for us to go our separate ways." Niall kissed my cheek and walked away, leaving me standing in the park, in the dark alone.

It all started two months ago when my boyfriend, Niall broke up with me. Ever since then, things have been bad for me. I dropped out of high school, I lost touch with my best friend, and my parents divorced. But one day, I realized it was time for a change. I had to get Niall back, and I was going to do whatever it takes to do that. Even if it means leaving behind my mom, all my siblings, and my reputation behind.


2. Heartbroken, Part 2

"Hello?" I did my best to make it so my voice wasn't quivering.

"Kylyn, it's so good to hear your voice!" I was happy to hear his, too. But he sounded like he was...relieved. He probably expected me to be dead or something.

"You too, Niall. I miss you so much." All I wanted to hear was that he missed me too and that he loved me and that he was at my house outside with roses and wanted to get back together.

"Okay. I just wanted to make sure you are okay. Rachel told me that you weren't doing so well, so I was just wanting to call and make sure. Is everything okay? What's wrong. Tell me everything." Rachel Adams? No, it couldn't be. There was no way Niall had been talking to Rachel Adams, my bully from all of middle school and the last three years of high school that I went to.

""Um, my mom and dad were having problems. That's all."

"Don't lie to me. You dropped out of school. You have always been so serious about school, that wouldn't have been a good enough reason for you to drop out." What was I going to tell him? There was no way I could tell him the truth, that ever since we broke up I have wanted to die. So I had to make something up.

"I uh, I got really sick and my mom decided to home school me. It's all good. That's why you called?" Whoo, I probably got away with that one.

"Well yes. And I was going to ask you what do you think Rachel would want for Christmas? I want to get her something amazing." My dropped down to my feet, and stopped. Niall was dating Rachel. How could this be happening? Niall had always hated Rachel, so how could they be dating? Plus, how could Niall have a relationship right now if he's on tour? I mean, that's the reason he broke up with me right? Because he was going on tour and he wouldn't have time to be in a relationship. But obviously, he lied to me.

"Um. No." I was so upset, I didn't even know if I could say anything else.

"Alright. Well, I have to go. But Kylyn, I'm glad you are okay." I didn't even say bye, I just hung up. What was there to live for now? I knew for a fact he was never going to take me back, ever. For two reasons:

1. He NEVER called my by my full name, Kylyn. Ever since the first day we met, he had always called me Ky, never Kylyn. It's like on tour he totally forgot about me, totally forgot about us.

2. He was dating Rachel. Enough said.

I knew I had to talk to someone, but there was no way I was going to talk to my mom. So I just decided to call someone I could talk to, or at least I thought I could. I called Harry.

"Hello?" He picked up on the second ring.

"Hey, Harry. It's Kylyn. I just really needed someone to talk to you, are you busy or?" I was about to start crying.

"Of course, Ky. What's up?"I cleared my throat and swallowed my tears. I was about to tell him everything, and I needed to go it fast, and without crying.

"Harry, I've been bad. I mean, really bad. Since me and Niall broke up, I've dropped out of school. I don't care about school. I cut, and I mean bad. 107 on each arm, to be exact. My mom and dad divorced because of me, and my dad moved to California. California, Harry! I am in New York, stuck with my mom and siblings, and my dad won't even call. My mom put me in therapy, and I hate it, it's not helping. I tried to kill myself three times since you guys left. I didn't get accepted to college, and I have no friends. What do I do? Niall is dating Rachel, which doesn't make sense because he has always hated her. I'm bad, Harry. I have nobody." My voice broke and I started bawling. See, therapy isn't the only place I can let my emotions go.

"I'm coming over, go to your porch," Harry said, and he hung up. I was confused, but I still went. I waited on my porch, still crying into my hands. I didn't even hear him pull up, probably because I was crying so hard and loud. He forced me to stand up and pulled me into his chest. I cried in his chest for a long time, until I was stable enough to stop crying.

"Get in the car." I did exactly what he said, but my hands were shaking so badly he put my seat belt on for me. He held my hand all the way to his house, and when we got there, he carried me inside and upstairs to his room. It was beautiful, and it was blue on the walls. His bed had a blue bed sheat, and there was a T.V. in the corner. He set me down on the bed and layed down next to me. Me patted his chest, indicating me to put my head on it, which I did. I cried for two hours straight, and he didn't say anything. He just rubbed my arms over the scars and ran his hands through my hair.

Harry," I said, when I finally stopped crying. "Thank you, I really needed this."

"Ky, I am so sorry. Niall is acting like a complete jerk. The truth is, he was a wreck without you. But then, Rachel kind of....forced herself on him. I know how hard it is, but you have to remember what you guys went through, and realize that he probably still loves you and is trying to get over you with someone else."

"He doesn't want me. I just have to learn to accept that. He wants her, and that's okay." He sat up, and I did too.

"Maybe he does love her. I am not really sure, I haven't talked to him since that all happened with you guys. He was being a douch bag, and I didn't like it. We have not been talking, but whatever happens, Ky, you are an amazing girl. And if he doesn't choose you, he's stupid." We stood up and I hugged him, about to cry again. But I did my best to keep from doing that, I had cried enough.

"Are you hungry?" He smiled at me. I couldn't help but feel better. He was the best, not to mention he was on my side, which meant a lot.

"Yeah, I am." He took my hand and we walked down the stairs, running into Anne on the way down.

Oh, hello Kylyn, funny seeing you here!" I knew Anne because on the weekends when the boys would stay here for the weekends and stuff, I always came with. Me and Anne ended up getting really close. She hugged me and I hugged her back, it was nice to actually be talking to people again, especially people I really loved like Anne. "How are you?" Ugh, there was no way I could lie to her.

"Not good," and she made me tell her everything.

"Three times? On my goodness, darling!" She started crying. Oops, I was bringing people down with me.

"It's okay, I didn't mean to make you upset." I picked up a muffin and started picking at it, I hadn't eaten a full meal in who knows how long.

"Well, since you are having problems with your mom, why don't you stay here?" I was shocked. Damn, she was the best.

"Yeah, that would be nice. Thank you so much." I hugged her again, and then Harry came back.

"Alright Kylyn Marie Anderson, I have an evening of fun and smiling and laughing planned for us. Get  your coat on, say goodbye to your BFF, and let's go." I laughed. Holy shit, it felt good to laugh. I did exactly what he said, and promised Anne she could call me and we could talk about my moving date. Then we left. We drove for a long time, but we finally arrived at the fair.

"Harry, you're going to get mobbed. Are you sure about this?" He nodded his head, got out of the car, and opened my door for me. First we went on the Tilt-A-Whirl, and it really was crazy. I was really supprised nobody mobbed us, but I guess people got the hint we wanted to be left alone. Me and him screamed the whole time, and my hair was blowing everywhere. I always felt him staring at me, but I just kept looking out of the car and laughing. I was finally starting to feel like less of a freak and more of a person. After a whole night of riding rides, we decided to end the night with the ferris wheel. When we got to the top, the ride made this disgusting noise and stopped. The guy who worked at the bottom yelled up at us.

"We are experiencing something wack so hang tight and we'll fix this problem soon."

"Wow, formal." Harry said, being sarcastic. I laughed, why would he not get fired for talking like that? What a wacko.

"Harry, thank you. For everything. For holding me, and coming to get me, and bringing me here. Thank you. I feel so much better now, and I am really glad I called you." He looked at me with serious eyes.

"Ky, do not ever hurt yourself again. Ever. Promise me?" He was serious, I could tell.

"Promise," And with that, we just sat there in silence until the ride was fixed. And then he took me home. When we got to my house, he walked me to my door.

"Remember the promise you made me. I'll be here tomorrow morning, 10:00, be ready. Kay?" He didn't give me time to answer, he just kissed my cheek and left. When I got inside, I didn't cry, I didn't look through mine and Niall's box, I didn't cut myself, and I didn't feel like doing any of that stuff tonight. I just layed in my bed, listening to music. I felt a feeling I hadn't felt for a long time; I was happy.


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