Twisted || Styles

It started like any other ordinary day with Harry Styles and his girlfriend Stacey. But little did he know that his girlfriend was cheating on him with his old friend John. Until one day he falls in love with an unexpected person...


16. Truth or Dare

Harry's POV:

"Babe do you wanna do something?" I asked Sam. "Why don't we invite the gang over?" "sure I'll text the boys and you can get the girls." "Kay"

I texted the boys to come over they all agreed.

(L=Louis H=Harry)

H: Hey Lou Sam and I were wondering if you wanted to come over the whole gang's coming over so text me back when you can.

L:Hey Haz Yea sure I was wondering can I bring a lady friend maybe? ;)

H: Yea sure she can hang out with the girls.And who's the special lady?

L: Well I just met her and we really hitted off soo idk buts she's really cool.

H:Ooohhhhh Lou is in loveeeeeeee

L: Shut up before I make you.

H: Sureeee

L: Anyways I'll be there.

H: Okay

Louis' POV

(L=Louis A=Autumn)

L:Hey Autumn

A: Hey Lou

L:So me and some other friend are going over someone's house to chill you wanna come with me?

A: Yea sure Lou what time?

L:I'll call you

A:Okay well I'mma get ready I'm still in my pjs.

L: Okay love I'll call you later

Oh my god did I just call her love?What is she gonna think oh my oh my. Play it cool Lou, she's cool she'll understand right? Yea okay yea.

Kate's POV:

~Harry's Place~

"So what do you guys wanna do?" I asked. "Ummm how about...truth or dare?" Said Autumn.We just met her and she hitted of really well with us and Of course I can tell Louis likes her.By the way he looks at her.

"Sure." We all said.

I sat next to Liam, Sam next to Harry, and Autumn next to Louis. "Can I start?" asked Harry. "Yup." "Okay..." he looked at everyone to see who would be his victim. "Kate"he said finally landing on me. "Shit" I mumbled under my breath. "Truth or dare?" said harry. "Uhhhh truth." "Tell us one secret about Liam. "What, Why me?!" Whined Liam while pulling me closer. "Ummmm." I didn't know what to say. "Ooh I have a huge secret." "tell us!!!" Said everyone in unison. "Nah." "Come on tell us." "Well.." Everyone's eyes were on me. "Liam doesn't like eating with spoons!" "What no we already knew that."Harry said. "Well its kinda of a secret to me" Liam chuckled, "That's my girl."

"Okay now my turn." I looked at Autumn and Louis. I had the perfect truth and dare. If Lou said Dare I would dare him to kiss Autumn, and if he said truth I would ask him if he liked Autumn which was a total yes. "Louis." "Truth or dare?" "Ummm dare." He said. "Hmmmm" I pretended to think. "I dare you to...kiss Autumn." Louis blushed like crazy. "What?" He said. "You heard me right." He turned to Autumn. "Come on Lou!!!" We all said. He kiss her. She kissed back. "Ummm guys it's been 3 minutes don't you guys need like air or something." "Oh umm yea." They said while separating and blushing even more. "Ha okay so Louis your turn." "Okay let's see Ummm." He looked around."Ummm Sam." "Hit me." I elbowed her. "Owww not like that." She said. We laughed. "Truth or dare?" "Dare." "Oh my god guys I feel like a pussy I'm the only one who said truth." I fake pouted. "Anyways dare." "Ummm Lets see I dare you to..."Louis said while thinking. "kiss Liam. "What Harry,Liam, Sam, and I said at the same time." "Uhhh Harry?" "it's just a game babe I'm okay with it. "Said Harry. "Umm baby?" "Do it, it's just a dare but you better not enjoy it Payno" "I won't babe." Sam got up and got close to Liam. Zayn covered my eyes. I removed his hands. Just as Sam was about to kiss Liam, Harry came and swept her up. "Nope not today she isn't kissing anyone but me." We all burst into laughter. We played some more then we just watch tv. "Babyyyy I'm tired." I yawned and put my head in the crook of his neck. "You wanna go home?" I nodded. "We'll finish watching the movie then we'll go okay babe?" "Sure" I yawned again I was super tired, it was almost 12 but somehow I'm still up.

~The next morning~

I woke up next to Liam. He was too cute when he slept. I was in his arms I didn't bother moving since I didn't want to wake him up so I just got my phone from the counter top. I checked the time,2:56. "Babyyyyy" "Whatttt"His breath smelled like beer. said Liam in his sleepy voice. "Its 2:56 how are you tired? What time did you fall asleep last night?" "Uhhhhh" "Liam what time?" "3." "In the morning?" "Babe uhhh fine you better start going to sleep earlier." "I will baby I promise." "Okay now let me get up I'mma make some pancakes." Liam didn't respond. "Liam?" He started to snore. "Guys." I said while rolling my eyes.I checked my messages, 7 from Sam. I called her since she needed to talk to me about something. She picked up on the 2nd ring. "Hello?" "Yea Sam you wanted to talk about something?" "Uhhh yea." "Well then what is it." I said then I put the phone on speaker. "Listen Kate I'm sooooooo sorry I really am." "What happened?" I said as I take the phone off speaker "Last night Kate." She sighed. "I slept with Liam." "What?!" I couldn't believe what I had just heard. "I'm really sorry Kate it's just that after you and Autumn fell asleep we started drinking and then Harry fell asleep and it's just." I hunged up the phone.Since I was changed I just left. No note. No explanation. I just headed to Autumn's place.

I knocked on her door.I was crying my eyes out. "Hey Ka- What's wrong?" I told her what happened. "Listen Kate I'm really sorry." "Don't be." I said. "Why don't we go to Starbucks?" "Sure but first can I borrow some of your makeup? I look like a hot mess." "Sure Kate." After that we headed off to Starbucks. My phone kept ringing.It was either Liam or Sam and I didn't want to talk to neither. "Just answer him" Said Autumn trying to be supportive. "I can't...I just can't."

~At Starbucks~

"Can you order Autumn I'm not really in the mood for talking." "Sure what would you like." "I don't care just some type of coffee." I answered. I started looking through my photo gallery. They were either photos of Liam and I, The gang at someplace,me and the girls, or Sam and I. I was about to start crying when I notice a familiar car parking, Liam's. "Fuck." I mumbled. He was with Sam. Even worse. They entered. I tried my best to hide but they found Autumn and Autumn knew they wanted to talk to me so she told them where we were sitting and they walked over.

"Katie?" I didn't respond I kept looking out the window. "Listen babe." Liam said while sitting next to me."I don't want to talk," "I need you to listen.It was a mistake we were drunk." "Exactly Kate we were drunk." I finally turned to Liam I noticed his eyes were red.He was crying. I tried my best not to feel sympathtic but it was really hard. "I do-don't know Li-Liam." I said as I tried not to stutter. "Baby trust me I won't do it again ever." I looked at him into the eyes. "How can I trust you?" "Babe I promise" He said while putting my hand into his. "Okay." I said. Liam put his hand on my cheek and kissed me I pulled back. "But its gonna take a while for me to trust you again." He smiled.Everything was normal again or so I thought.

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