The Styles project

( not in POV's I will be typing and be like OH CRAP! I forgot to change POV's so yea :)
Ellie is in high school and knows 5 boys that help but can also really annoy her. What will happen?? idk read to find out.


1. Idek a name it is just a short story guess :)

I groan as I wait to leave school. Some of my friends needed to stay for tutoring, and so do I. Carol, Samantha, Jacob, and John are the friends I am with. “Wait so 9(8+7) =134 Mr. Styles?” I ask. “No Ms. Parks the answer is 135.” He replied softly. I just roll my eyes and say “Whatever” under my breath. Carol nudges me in the rib. Clack, clack, clack we can hear the principal’s heels through the classroom walls. She walks in and we all hide under our desks except for Mr. Styles. “I just wanted to come and see these lovely students.” There was a hint of sarcasm there. “Ma’am could you please leave us be? Or let us go? After all I am the one who is sitting in this chair working.” She looks at me shocked I just said what I did. “Ms. Parks you and your friends may leave but you will have detention all week.” She puts her hands on her hips. “WHO CARES I’M FREE!” The principal walks away and I jump up and down happy to leave. I walk to the door and I hear a low voice behind me. “Ellie. That was rude and now you will be doing extra work in Math all week.” I open my mouth to say something but he cuts me off. “You did actions that you wanted. As a result you have detention all week and extra math.” I walk back to Carol and grab her hand. “Let’s go nerd” She pushes her glasses up and says “Thank you very much” and pulls her hand away. She just walks out and I follow. When she goes to her car I run to mine as fast as I can.


I own a Black Convertible Mustang. I jump in and drive home quickly. As soon as I pull in my drive way I start texting my friends and telling them there is a party at my place. “I wonder if anyone will come” I say out loud meaning to say it to myself. I go upstairs and change into my favorite pair of short shorts, a crop top, and some of my combat boots. Along with this I put my hair in a fishtail braid and put on black eye shadow and mascara with light lip gloss. Then I hear a knock at the door. I wonder who it could be. I walk to the door and open it. “Ello- Louis?” my mouth gapes open. “yes, love I got a text and wanted to come.” He smiles. “I thought you would be the one person who would not be here Lou.” I let him in as we still talk. “Well I thought I would come to see the rest of the boys. How are they doing?” Lou says with a smirk. “Liam is a firefighter, Niall is a soccer player, and Zayn is a Hair/Make-up stylist.” “And harry?” Lou asked. “H-he is my Math teacher…” I look down. “Well I am just a tattooed up dude who is funny” he winks. “That’s good enough Lou.” He sits down as I get out the food and drinks. Then I hear yet another knock at the door. This time it was Liam. He had the night off and was able to come. “Hey Ells.” Then Niall comes running in all sweaty in his soccer uniform. “EW Niall.” I say in disgust. “Well you try winning a soccer game 7-2 and take a shower before you come to a party” he puts his hands on his hips sassily. “Niall I came from school and took a shower, and dressed up, and did my make up, and set all this up.” I put my hand on my hip. He takes his hands off of his hips and looks at me amazed. “WOW! You did all that!” He opens his eyes wide. “Now we know why you are so tired all the time Ells” He walks into the kitchen. “So when is Harry going to be here Ellie?” I look away. “He isn’t coming, and besides why would I invite my math teacher.”

Lou takes his phone out of his pocket. “You invite him or I will” “NEVER!” I scream. “Fine then” Lou starts typing the text on his phone and I scream inside a bit. I don’t want my math teacher at my party. “The text is sent!” Lou smirks. Then I hear a knock at the door, I get scared “Liam would you answer it?” Liam nods and answers the door. It is just some of my other friends, Jade, Jasmine, Kendra, and Nyla. Jade was wearing a UNC hoodie, Skinny jeans, and some Jordan’s. Jasmine was wearing a striped ¾ length sleeve shirt, a flowey skirt, and some black toms. Kendra had her hair down in a snapback, a Miami heat jersey, some jeans, and some LeBron's. And Nyla was wearing a floral dress with some wedge converse shoes with floral print on them. “Wow everyone looks great!” I smile. “Thanks, we got a text from you and wanted to dress nice.” Nyla gave me a quick hug and then ran to the couch. “Man I love this couch. So comfy” Nyla smiled. I slightly smile and then walk upstairs into my room. I just can’t believe Lou had to invite my stupid math teacher! I mean he is just, well a math teacher. And right now I don’t want to look at him. All because of my attitude I have stupid extra math work and detention all week. I pick up my math homework and crumple it up. After I throw it away I walk downstairs. “Harry should be here in 5 minutes or less Ellie” Lou smiles. I sigh and give him a glare. A few minutes later I hear the door bell ring, I get nervous and walk into the kitchen. I turn away so if it is Harry, he won’t notice I’m downstairs. Lou runs to the door. “I’ll get it!” He opens the door and I tighten all the muscles in my body. “Hey mate” Harry says to Lou. “I got a text and it said to come here. What’s the matter?” he says as he changes his tone. “Nothing this is just a party and here is our lovely host” I can feel the fingers pointing at me from everyone, so I turn around. His eyes go from serious to shocked. “H-h-hi” I say nervously. He just Shakes his head and Blinks to make sure it is me. "yeah it's me stupid stop eyeballing me." I brush past him into my pantry. then I can see out of the corner of my eye, Harry leans to Lou and whispers something I can't quite hear. "what did you say?" I hear Lou ask. I sigh in relief because I could tell it was about me. I look at Harry "What was that 'Mr. Styles' ?" I smirk because I know when he is out of school he hates to be called that. "I was wondering why I was invited. I don't really wanna be here but Lou texted me and I thought it was important."

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