We Are One

(Second Advent Competition Entry.) Life is a journey. But it is only as good as the people you walk it with.


1. We Are One.

We walked. We walked for what felt like hours. The bitter blizzard like weather freezing our faces as every step we took weakened our bodies. The dark tree's watched us, towering over us as our heavy bodies stumbled across the uneven landscape. We didn't know where we were going. We had no idea, but we didn't need to. We had something they didn't. We had something they would never have. We had each other. 


The small fires in our hearts that dwindled on as we travelled. The flame that kept our love alive, that kept us alive. We didn't need them. We were together now and that's all that mattered. With those small fires in our hearts our outlook on our surroundings changed. The crystal like powder that covered the once flourished grass crunched under our light footsteps. The beautiful sun rays cast through the archway of treetops. It reflected from the crystal pathway making each little aspect of our beauty shine from within us. It gave us strength. It gave us elegance. This was something much more than we ever had back there. I was alone back there. But now my soul is free, my heart is yours once more and we are one.

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