Letters of Heartbreak (Harry Styles)

Lina was an average teenager. It was her last year of high school. But what happens when all of a sudden she starts righting letters to her hero Harry Styles. Lina life may be changed in the best and worst ways possible.


1. Introduction


Name: Lina Stone

Age: 18

Hometown: Outskirts of Toronto, Ontario Canada

Hair Colour: Jet Black

Eye Colour: Blue

Favourite Colour: Red and Black

Hobbies: Texting, Singing, Playing Guitar, Hanging with Friends, And almost anything dangerous

Personality: Bubbly, Outgoing, Immature, Nerdy (at some points), Daring, Creative and Imaginative

Favourite Bands: One Direction, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, My Chemical Romance and Little Mix

Favourite Piece of Clothing: Her Blue Hoddie and Her Pair of Black Ballet Flats with Bows on them




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