Letters of Heartbreak (Harry Styles)

Lina was an average teenager. It was her last year of high school. But what happens when all of a sudden she starts righting letters to her hero Harry Styles. Lina life may be changed in the best and worst ways possible.


4. Chapter 3

Lina's POV

A couple days later Lina received Harry's letter. She was so happy that Harry wrote back. She quickly ran into her room so her parents wouldn't see the letter and get suspicious. Before she opened the letter she remembered she asked him if he wanted to. What happens if he said no what would she do with her feelings. She slowly opened the letter and as soon as she saw the word yes she was about to jump up and down. She read the letter and felt really embarrassed. She didn't even know she was crying while she wrote the letter. She quickly grabbed a blank piece of paper and a pen.

Dear Harry,

First of all sorry for the tears what I'm going to tell you is a really hard topic for me. I've never told anyone this. So that's the the reason for the tears. Second the reason I need advice is because well my boyfriend Carl broke up with me and it's really bad. He was my everything. Also I'm really depressed. I've been cutting myself for a year only because everyone calls me a slut and whore and I didn't know why. I thought life had no meaning. A couple months ago I tried to commit suicide. I thought about it and if I do it again I know I'm going through with it. Please write back I need help.

From Lina

Lina wasn't able to send the letter till after school when she walked home. At school Lina was at her locker getting her book for class. All of sudden her BFF Claire showed up.

"Hey Lina." Claire said waving.

"Hey Claire can't talk gonna be late for class." And with that Lina rushed off to class. The rest of the day was fine till Lina saw that Carl already had a new girlfriend. Before she could run to the bathroom the bell rang for the end of the day.

She quickly grabbed her stuff and ran out the front doors. She saw the mailbox and quickly mailed the letter. She went home and saw her parents weren't home. She grabbed her razor blade she hides in her room and started to cut her wrist. Blood started dripping on her bedroom floor. She made 10 cuts on her arm and put her razor back. She cleaned the floor and wrapped her arm in a bandage.



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