Just found this :') A poem I wrote from when I was ten years old, hmmn :')


1. Evacuee

All I'm holding is my case
As I move towards a strange new place
Tears stream down my face
Because I miss you mum


I miss your soft and silky hair
The way your perfume fills the air
Whenever I’d need you, you’d be there
I really want you mum


I really need your advice mummy
Because the children here say I speak funny
And they laugh at me and take my money
I just need you mum


Just as things were getting better
That was when I received the letter
That you couldn’t make it to the shelter
No, NO! Why you mum!

Curse this war! It claimed my mother
Let us hope there’s not another
I have to move on, although I’ll suffer
I’ll always love you mum.

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