The Dare

In this story you will meet Olivia, Ava, Jimmy, Jason. They are all in middle school, and bestfrinds. Olivia is shy and Ava is outgoing. Jimmy can be selfish and thinks he's fearless , Jason is cool and collected but you don't want to get on his bad side. When you read this you will find out why it's called the dare and how peer peer pressure can go wrong.


3. Help!

Today: “Hey Olivia!” Jason and Jimmy scream. “Hey guys!” Olivia says shyly. “Have you seen Ava?” Jason asks, “No, I thought you were with her?” Olivia says “Hey guys!” Ava says from behind them “Oh, there you are we were wondering where you were. “Yeah, Mrs. Wash kept me behind because she said I was a talking to much in class.” Ava says rudely “Oh wow.” Jimmy said, “Well lets get to the cemetery and get this over with.” Olivia says.

     “Here” Jason says as he hands Olivia the box with the wedge board inside. “So I just lay it out and put my hands on the triangle?” Olivia asked, “Yeah, then you ask questions.” Ava answers “Like what questions?” Olivia says, “Like, um, do any sprits want to talk with me?” Jimmy says “Oh my gosh this seems so stupid why can’t you just pick a different dare?” Olivia complains, “We are already here so just get it over with!” Jason yells “Yeah lets get started because my mom thinks I’m a the library to study.” Ava says “Fine,” Olivia says.

     She opens the gate leading towards the cemetery. Olivia looks down at the board then looks back up. She turns around and looks back at her friends and Jason is smiling, Jimmy has a regretful face expression and Ava looks nervous. Yet, none of them say anything. Olivia looks around for a place to sit and then she sees a spot not to far away from the gate where her friends are but close enough. She walks over and sits down taking the board out and sets it up. She scans the directions with her eyes.

      Olivia puts the directions next to her. She picks up the triangle and places it on the board. Then, she puts both hands on the triangle and says “Does any sprits want to talk with me?” Nothing happened first but then the triangle starts to move. Olivia starts to breathe deeply and starts to freak out but doesn't remove her hands. The Triangle has a glass circle at the top and it slides to the letters and Olivia reads them. “Y-E-S” Olivia looks up to her friends but they weren’t there and she starts to look around but no sign of them anywhere.

     She starts to freak out but looks down at the board and the triangle starts to move. D-O-N-T L-E-A-V-E. Olivia starts to fell dizzy and lets go of the board and gets up. She starts running but everything gets blurry and she can’t see. She trips and falls on her face. Olivia fainted and woke up back at the board with her hands on the triangle. She tried to remove her hands but they were stuck.

     “Help! Help!” Olivia screams. Yet no one answers her. The triangle starts to move. “Help me! I need Help!” Olivia screams. Again no answer just the echoes of her voice as if she was in a box. The board started to spell something and Olivia looks down at it and reads D-I-E. Olivia starts to cry and her tears land on the board. The board starts shaking and rattling making aloud sound.


Cliff Hanger! ha ha !!! 

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What will happen?

Where are her friends?


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