The Dare

In this story you will meet Olivia, Ava, Jimmy, Jason. They are all in middle school, and bestfrinds. Olivia is shy and Ava is outgoing. Jimmy can be selfish and thinks he's fearless , Jason is cool and collected but you don't want to get on his bad side. When you read this you will find out why it's called the dare and how peer peer pressure can go wrong.


2. FlashBack

Yesterday: “Come on Jimmy, You have to do it!” said Ava as playing with her long blonde hair “Alright, Alright” Jimmy says as he gets up and walks down the hall flipping his long-ish brown hair back. “Where would it be girls?” Jimmy yelling back to his room where Ava, Olivia, and Jason are. Olivia runs down the hall way towards where Jimmy is. “She would probably put it on her dresser.” Olivia says. “Is this it?” Jimmy asks. “Yes!”

     Jimmy and Olivia walk back to the room and sit back on the floor where they were before. “Alright makeover time!” Ava says loudly “I’m going to wash it over after and NO pictures!” Jimmy says strictly as Ava tilts his head back and starts applying the eyeliner. “No promises Jimmy” Jason chuckles as he’s fixing his black spiked up hair. “Almost done…. And Ta Da!” Ava laughs, “You look like a rock star!” Olivia chuckled (Camera phone flash) “Delete it! Jason!” Jimmy yells as all the kids start laughing, including Jimmy. Jimmy gets up and starts walking towards the bathroom. 

Five minutes later Jimmy walks back into the bedroom. “Okay, I don’t know how you girls do it but know my eyes are stinging.” Jimmy laughs, “Now it’s Olivia’s turn.” Jason says “Jimmy you have to dare her.” Ava says. “Um, how about you go to the cemetery tomorrow after school and play a wedge board, by yourself! Jimmy says in a scary voice.

     “No way!” Olivia screams, “You have to do it Olivia or else you're a chicken!” Jason says “I’m not chicken it’s just that I heard that you can get possessed if you play alone and I don't even know how to play. Olivia says as if they will change their mind. “You will be fine its just a game, it’s probably not going to work anyway.” Ava says calmly “Yeah, but what happens if it really does happen!” Olivia says scared “You will be fine and plus I already said the dare so no talk backs.” Jimmy says “I think my brother has a wedge board in under his bed so I will get that and bring it tomorrow.” Jason says

     “Are you guys going to be with me?” Olivia asks “Sure, but you have to play alone.” Jimmy says, “So how do you play?” Olivia asks, “All you need to do is put both hands on the little triangle thingy and ask different questions and the triangle will move spelling out the answer.” Ava explains, “Okay, well I have to get going.” Olivia says “Me too.” Ava says “Same here.” Jason says “Alright see you guys tomorrow at school, Jason don't forget the board.” Jimmy says 


Flashback time!  Hope you like it so far. I know these are short but I wrote this story for school so its not a long story but Im adding more. Im already writing a part two for the sequel. Im still deciding whether to put it all together or make two different story's out of it. Tell me what you thing I should do? Also do you like One Direction ? If so check out my other story! "Im here for you" Even if you don't like One Direction ,Its just there names. They aren't in the band. 

Love y'all ! Don't forget to become a fan!

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