Jordan wants to commit suicide because of her mothers death. She meets two boys that understand her. But Jordan's BFF Raven is jealous of her! What will happen to Jordan? What will Raven do?
( the cover picture is of the character Jordan. She has tattoos �� )


2. class time

Jordan's POV

I sit on the chair shocked. Does Niall love me? Or was he lying? I am so confused! I take off my snapback Raven gave me and i throw it against the wall yelling "B****!!!" Then i grab Niall's Miami Heat snapback and put it on. Then i walk to class. Raven just happens to sit next to me in class. I sit down in class and she smirks, then nudges me. I ignore her then she whispers to me "Harry is an excellent kisser" i feel the anger brewing inside me so i raise my hand. " Mrs.Simmons? May i move my seat? Raven is bothering me." With that Mrs.Simmons moves me next to Harry. JUST GREAT NOW IT IS EVEN WORSE! I sit down nervously and i think he notices. "Dont worry i wont bite" he winks and my heart races. "O-okay" is all i manage to stumble out.

Harry's POV

Louis sits behind me in class and he passed me a note. It said...

Jordan likes you so be nice! - Louis 'The Tommo' Tomlinson.

I smirk and look at Jordan, yeah she is pretty. But i bet she is taken. So i write her a note...

Are you single? -Haz

She slightly blushes and writes something

Yes why are you asking? -Jordan

I quickly reply

No reason - Haz

I nudge her gently as she bends down to get her pencil. D*** look at that a** i think to myself. She leans up and i quickly turn away looking at her out of my eye. I hope she can sit here for the rest of the year. Soon enough class ends.

Jordan's POV

I see Harry scribble on a piece of paper and fold it up. He hands it to me and then walks out to his next class. I put the piece of paper in my pocket not daring to look at it. I run to Niall and then we go to our class. "Niall, Harry asked me was i single and wrote something on a piece of paper that i haven't looked at, does it seem good or bad?" He smirks. "Good you dumbo" i give him a look like 'haha very funny not shut up'. "Okay see you in science. I walk to science, Niall and i sot next to each other in science. But Raven and Harry sit next to each other, and i cant wait to see what happens.

Raven's POV

I can't wait to kiss Harry again in front of Jordan! She deserves it for what she did to my brother. Her last BF was my brother, and she broke his heart. Now i will break hers. Harry comes into class and sits down next to me, i kiss him on the cheek as soon as i see that Jordan is looking at us.

Niall's POV

I see Raven kiss Harry's cheek and then Jordan sticks her middle finger up at Raven, i cant help but snicker. Raven looks offended and then Jordan nudges me and starts cracking up. Man i love when she does that, tough but gentle at the same time. In science we are mixing vinegar and baking soda, classic right? But it is better than taking notes. I let Jordan do the honors and she gets frightened as it bubbles over and i smirk. "What?" She says embarrassed. "Nothing nothing at all" i turn back to Raven and Harry. They are not even looking at each other, that could be bad for me. I wont get a chance with Jordan. I did not have one at all, but now my hopes are gone.

Jordan's POV

My next class isn't until 3:00 so i can go chill in the dorm. I grab Niall's hand and drag him to the dorm, then he playfully pins me to the wall. I smile "feisty one are we" i smirk and laugh. He starts to kiss me, and i can't help but kiss back. He runs his tongue along my bottom lip as i let him enter my mouth. Our tongues slide against each other, then he lets go of my wrist's grabbing my bum to hold me up. I wrap my legs around his thighs and run my fingers through his hair. This is the farthest i have gone with Niall, and i kind of like the tough side of him. It is sexy. We pull away from kissing and he looks at me. "Do you think we could work? I mean i know you like Harry but could we try?" A hint of hope flashes in his eyes when i smile. "Yes we can try silly!" He nuzzles his nose in the crook of my neck, and i giggle. Then he carries me to the couch and lays next to me, he is so peaceful.

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