I Used To Care

love at first kiss?
fakes, boys and romance.
not so typical teen love story.


1. chapter 1




Walking through the school gates and purposely walking right into all of the new year 7s, that's what me and Tara used to do every year.

I walk slowly, avoiding the year 7s and walking closer to the wall.

Moving into the nearest doorway and blocking out the sound by placing my headphones in.

"Come on Carl" I hear someone shout from further down the hallway.

"I don't want to" they say, dragging their feet along the floor.

The door swings open and a woman with tall heals on walks with her head held high down the corridor, and behind her, a tall brown haired boy , dragging his feet behind him, scuffing what looks like a vintage pair of Dr Martins.

When I was with Tara I would of totally turned my nose up at this boy, but now,  this boy actually made me feel a little bit nervous.

"Nice shoes" I say, gesturing towards his feet.

He looks up, his hair moving out of his eyes, and showing a pair of bright blue eyes, and a beautifully defined nose.

He smiles and carries on following the woman in front of him.


 "Ah, Cassia, you wouldn't mind showing Mrs Walwin and her son Carl around this Koenig would you" says Mrs G the head teacher, hurrying past with a arm full of folders.

"No, of course not" I say, taking my headphones out and wrapping them around my phone before placing it in my bag.

"I'm Cassia" I say, placing my hand out for her to shake. 

"Nice to meat you, Cassandra, I must dash, I'm sure I can leave Carl in your hands" she says, answering a phone call.

She walks of down the corridor, her heels clicking, her head held high.

"Don't worry, my mums the same" I say, getting my phone out of my bag again.

"It's Carl right" I say, walking with him in the opposite direction.

"Yeh" he says

I put my music in, I notice Carls looking at me, "you don't mind do you" I ask, 

"Depends on what your listening to" he says, running his hand through his hair.

"Busted" I say

He smiles, "never met a girl that listens to busted" he says, bending over to tie his lace.

"Really, I've never met a boy who wears Doc martins and manages to look attractive in them" I say without thinking, oh god, what did I just say.

"I'll take that as a complement" he says.

"So, what year are you in" he asks me, after walking into the Music department.

"9, you" I answer,

"10" he says, "your mature for a year 9, I though you were all boy band obsessed and in love with Justin Bieber" he says laughing

"Oh I'm boy band obsessed, you know with Alt-j, McFly, Mumford and sons, the vaccines, Jonas brothers, arctic monkeys" I say, looking up at him.

I show him down the side of the building, pointing out where the year 9/10/11's smoke.

"This is going to sound weird, but I really want to kiss you" he says, looking at me dead in the eyes.

"I knew my quirky music taste would pull off" I say smiling.

"You don't find this weird" he says

"Yeh, but you don't know me" I say, turning away.

"Kiss me , then tell me" he says

"You sure" I ask him

He closes his eyes, leaning closer, he opens then again, smiling, and then he kisses me, plain and simple, kissing.

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