The Contract

Kylee is a normal girl , sure she has done a few rebellious things but who hasn't?
When she is hired by Modest to be Niall Horans girlfriend her life changed completely.She now has to be a picture perfect girlfriend.Will Niall like her? will they fall in love? what will happen when the contract is over?
Read to find out....


9. Chapter 8

Kylee's Pov

A horror ... I hate them , i get so freaked out.I was so worried until Liam came up with the suggestion of Toy story.Everyone disagreed but since its not a horror i dont mind.

Around half way through the movie everyone got boerd so we just started talking.I learned that the girl i didnt know was Ciara and she is Harrys best friend.I also learned that Melanie was on a contract similar to mine but she was a bitch and the boys didnt like her not even Harry.Everyone seperated into ther converstaions leaving me and Niall.]

"Since we dont know eachother well ,how about 20 questions?"

"Sure , you start"

"Full name?"

"Kylee Elizabeth Jenner , Favourite colour?"

"Blue , Favourite song?"

"Crazy Love by Michael Bublé you?"

"Same here , any pets?"

"Nope , Favourite move?" i ask

"Umm has to be finding nemo , any brothers or sisters?

"Really? me too , um i have a sister , favourite tv show?" i say

"How i met your mother , you?"

"Has to be pretty little liars"

We were about to continue on when Eleanor tapped on my shoulder.

"Umm Hey id really like to get to know you and so would Perrie and Ciara , wanna come over here?"

"Yeahh sure"

As we walked over i looked back and smiled at Niall.

When i sat down where the girls were sat we talked alot.We talked about the boys , make up , fashion , gossip you name it we talked about it.I felt really comfortable around these girls and i felt that we were ganna be really good friends!

After about an hour of talking Louis called us over to watch "Role Models" (aka the funniest movei ever!).I felt kinda left out as all the girls rushed over to their boyfriends/best friends leaving me Liam and Niall on the 3 seater sofa.I have to say these guys are really friendly.I love being around them.They make me feel welcome in their group even though i met them today and im on that stupid contract.Speaking of the contract i got a message from Emma saying,

From: Emma , Modest!

I hired paparazzi to camp outside the boys apartment complex.Make sure to be seen but be hidden also , we dont want them to catch your name.

To: Emma , Modest!

Yeahh , sure

The movie had me on the floor laughing.Im not lying i was seriously on the floor laughing.Everyone stared at me for a few seconds but then started to laugh.We wall had so much fun together and i was serioulsly dreading going home. 1. Because i dont want to leave 2. Lily and Tom and 3. Lily is going to kill me if she finds out about this . Oh and i cant tell her about the contract she will go mental and tell everyone.

It is now 11pm and i was getting up to leave when everyone protested and said i had to stay the night.They all refused to let me leave even after i told them Emma's plan , they said it would be juicier in the morning if you catch my drift.I finally gave in and they all cheered.We stayed us chatting and playing truth or dare until the boys brought out the Play station...

"YESSSSSS" I cheered

"What?" the boys said in unision.


"Yes we do now calm down"Louis says

"YAY" I cheered.

Once everything was set up we decided to play FIFA first , Me against Niall.

"Kylee you are so gonna loose"

"Oh its on"


Sorry its short i have writers block , will write more soon :)


Bye Lovelies

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