The Contract

Kylee is a normal girl , sure she has done a few rebellious things but who hasn't?
When she is hired by Modest to be Niall Horans girlfriend her life changed completely.She now has to be a picture perfect girlfriend.Will Niall like her? will they fall in love? what will happen when the contract is over?
Read to find out....


7. Chapter 6

Niall's Pov

When I arrived at the Modest! building i sighed and got out of the car with a huff.Slamming the door shut i walk towards the door and was greeted by Marissa at the desk.She immediately knew who i was so there was no need for me to go to the desk.I went straight for the elevator and pressed 8.When i arrived at Emma's office I was greeted by Emma herself waiting at the door of her office.

"Niall" she says , "come in dear" she makes a wierd gesture with her hands as she said that.

She was taling a full 10 minutes about what i should be doing.I zoned out after about 3 minutes.I was thinking , Is this girl nice? Does she have alot in common with me? What if we end up hating eachother? .I had no answer for these questions.I started thinking about what she looks lilke until im sanpped out of my trance by Emma.

"Niall? Niall? God dammit NIALL?" she says

"Im sorry what?"

"I asked what is wrong" she states

"EVERYTHING IS WRONG" i say putting my head in my hands.

"Niall calm down" she says trying to calm me down.

"How can i?" i mumble in my hands.

I hear a knock on the door and Emma shouts "come in" , wow you'd think she'd have an assistant by now.She is the vice-president of Modest!.

I hear shuffling.It must be her.It has to be.The door shuts and i look up.

Woah! I thoght she'd be pretty but not this pretty.The way her long brown hair waves down her back and the way her brown eyes sparkle takes my breath away.I like the way she kept her make up natural because caked girls make me sick! I like her style too! A batman crop-top and high waisted jeans .. She seems perfect on the outside but i doubt she is on the inside .. nobodys perfect right? 

I was quickley snapped out of my thoughts by getting a wierd look from her.Oh shit! i was staring , crap she probably thinks im a creep.Way to go with a first impresion Niall!

"Now darling im gladthat we can finally start up" Emma says.

I nod.

"I'll be back soon so you two can get to know eachother" and she left.

I look over to the girl and she looks slightly worried.I decide against speaking because i'll probably mess it up more.

 "Umm well im Kylee" she says.She actually spoke.I still try to ignore her.In some way im pissed at her for accepting to be my fake girlfriend.Why? why would she want to do that?

"Look im sorry this had to happen.Im sorry that i just ruined your life but to be honest i really need the money.... we were close to being kicked out of our home and this would really help.... i really want to get to know you better and maybe we could be friends with some fake dating on the side... It would be easier for both of us" she says sighing to which im guessing proud of her speech.

I thought about it.She was right.It would be easier.

Finally i spoke up ,  "im Niall" i say while my voice crakcs , what? since when does my voice crack?

"How are you?" i ask

"Im good you" she says

 "eh im okay .. What age are you??" 

"Im 18 you?" she states

"Same im turning 19 in september" i answer.

"Oh coo-" she starts but was cut off by Emma walking into the room with some paperwork.Ughh i hate this! 

"These are just to finalise the contract then by law you are officially dating"

"just to run over a few things for both of you but mainly Kylee, So if you break the contract Modest! can sue you . if you refuse to do what you are told you will be punished and also if there is a family problem you must tell us in case we plan a date for you guys okay?"

We both answer with an "Okay" or "yeah"

"Great so lets get signing" Ughh i hate reading contracts.I do my normall signature at the bottom and hand the papers back to Emma.

"Okay guys you are good to go... you wont have any proper dates just yet you will just have to be seen togeather here and there." Emma says 

Emma leaves the room leaving Kylee and I in the room alone.

"Well .. i guess umm ill see you soon and we can get to know eachother better"  She suggests

"Yeahh i'd like that" i say really meaning it.

"Do you want my number?" She offers 

"Yeahh sure"

We trade phones and put our contact details in them.

"So see you on our first date" she says

"Yeahh see you then" i say

Just as she walks away i notice how natural she is compared to all of those fake girls out in the world.She weard minimum make-up and leaves her hair natural.She i beautiful and i wonder why she isnt a model already i mean look at her.Her eyes sparkle and make you wanna look into them forever.

For some reason i think we'll get along fine and the fans might like her.Leaving me thinking that she will get minimum hate which will be great.Just thinking of how much hate Sophia , Perrie and Eleanor get just makes my skin crawl.Those girls are the nicest people you'd meet and yet people are hating on them just because they are in love with someone famous.

I feel a buzz in my pocket.Taking out my phone i see that Louis texted me.

From: Tommo

Hey Mate.Movie night tonight? everyones gonna be there. :)

To: Tommo

Do you mind if i bring Kylee? she could get to know you guys before we properly start fake dating.. :)

From: Tommo

Is she nice? :)

To Tommo:

Yeahh not what i expected her to be :D

From Tommo:

Well then she is more than welcome :)

This is a perfect oppurtunity to get to know Kylee better.


I know its a repeat of the last chapter but i added some more things in :)

Bye Lovelies


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