The Contract

Kylee is a normal girl , sure she has done a few rebellious things but who hasn't?
When she is hired by Modest to be Niall Horans girlfriend her life changed completely.She now has to be a picture perfect girlfriend.Will Niall like her? will they fall in love? what will happen when the contract is over?
Read to find out....


5. Chapter 4

Kylee's Pov

"Please take a seat" Emma said. I walked quickly to the seat infront of her desk.I noticed her office was very modern with white walls and white carpet with black furniture.Emma herself had long black hair with blue eyes.

"You work in Starbucks right?" she asked

"Yeah i do" i replied 

"Do you like it there?" she asked .... What is this a police interview?

"umm not really but it pays the bills i guess" i answer feeling uncomfortable.

"What are your hobbies?" She questions ..."Jeez whats with all the questions" i thought

"Umm well i like to sing and dance play soccer , video games , oh and i LOVE to eat " i say rather proudly 

"You're perfect" she whispers.

"Im sorry what?"

"How would you like to work for Modest!" Woah did i hear correctly she wants me to work for Modest!

"Yeah you did" oops i just thought out loud darn it!

"What would this job involve?" i asked 

 "Well ... How do iput this? how would you like to be Niall Horans FAKE girlfriend?" She asked putting emphasis on the FAKE

Me? Niall Horans fake girlfriend? Why would she pick me? out of all people she picks me?

"Just to put it out there you will be paid 3000 a week and the contract is a 1 1/2 year long contract"

Woah 3000 a week , I really need that money but Niall will hate me if i agree.Before i thought of anything else i quickly answered with a 

"Where do i sign"

Am i really doing this.....

Nialls Pov

Ughh i hate management.They just think they could give me a fake girlfriend and think i was going to be okay with it? I could easily get a girlfriend for myself.Why does this have to happen to me just because im the longest single.Gosh i hate my life right now!

I threw my phone across the room and fell on my bed.Hey! maybe she could be really nice , maybe she could be beautiful ,maybe she could love the things i love , maybe i'll fall in love with her.Pshh who am i kidding shes probabally some blond bimbo who thinks i actually like her and pose for cameras and make me buy things for her.

I'm meeting her tomorrow so we'll find out then.


Ughh i feel like this is soo boooring for you guys :( sorry if it is :) 

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Bye lovelies

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