The Contract

Kylee is a normal girl , sure she has done a few rebellious things but who hasn't?
When she is hired by Modest to be Niall Horans girlfriend her life changed completely.She now has to be a picture perfect girlfriend.Will Niall like her? will they fall in love? what will happen when the contract is over?
Read to find out....


4. Chapter 3

Kylee's Pov

Just when i thought this day couldn't get any better it took a turn for the worse when i was called back into work because Beth was sick.I felt like hitting someone because i was in such a pissy mood after i got the text.I grunted as i walked into Starbucks and once again threw on my hideous uniform.

The place was so quiet with only three customers since I started.All of a sudden the bell rang at the door signaling that a customer walked in.Putting on a smile that same woman that has been coming here for days walked in.She ordered her regular but this time she sat down.There is something suspicious about her (or maybe its my imagination).She sat there and stared at me.I gave her a questioning look and she immediatley turned her head.I picked up my phone and logged onto twitter.Yay! finally something i enjoy doing.As i scrolled through the tweets from people i followed i noticed Niall had tweeted something.HELL YEAH!


So happy to be back in London ! Missing my family though !

"Yes" i mentally screamed. Hes back in London maybe just maybe i could be lucky and just meet him once.But as I noticed the last part of the tweet i Aww'ed maybe a bit too loud as the woman shot me a glance and immediately got back to her coffee.Niall is such a cutie when it comes to family.

As soon as the woman finished her coffee she handed me her money and waled out.As i was clearing her table i noticed she had left her purse on the table.I immediately ran out the doo but she was nowhere in sight.Sighing i checked her purse to find a credit card or something that might lead me to where i can find her.I searched every compartment in her purse and eventually found a business card and a credit card with the same names on them.

Emma Lynch,                                                                                                                           1234 Biscayne Road                                                                                                                       London.

Okay so i have her name and work address so now what? Well when i finish my shift itwill be 4pm so  i have enough time to give it to her.I checked my watch and it was already 3:30pm.

That last half hour went by so quick.I left as soon as the person who was working after me came.I flagged down a cab and gave the man the address.After about 5 minutes the car came to a halt and we were parked outside a large building.As soon as i walked in i saw the Modest! symbol.

"God i hate those guys i thought to myself" I walked to the front desk and immediatel asked for Emma.They said she was on the 8th floor.I approached the eleavator and pressed number 8.I felt the elevator go up.Gosh i really hate eleavators.Finally I got to the 8th floor.I found Emmas office and immediately kknocked on the door. "come in" she shouted. I opened the door and was greeted by the same woman that came into the cafe every moring.

"I dont mean to sound rude but why are you here?" she asked me.

"Umm you left your purse onthe table and thought id return it to you" i replied

"O thank you sweetie how nice of you ! now whats your name darling?"

"Kylee" i replied

"So Kylee how about we get to know eachother?"



Heyo :) 

How was it? i know bad right well anyway i'll probabally be posting more now because im boerd :)

Bye lovelies 

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