The Contract

Kylee is a normal girl , sure she has done a few rebellious things but who hasn't?
When she is hired by Modest to be Niall Horans girlfriend her life changed completely.She now has to be a picture perfect girlfriend.Will Niall like her? will they fall in love? what will happen when the contract is over?
Read to find out....


14. Chapter 13

Kylee's Pov

It's now July 19th , exactly 3 weeks since i've started "going out" with Niall.We've gone on a few dates here and there but nothing too major , we're announcing thet we're "together" in the next few days. Speaking of Niall , we've become good friends , i think going on "dates" with him is less awkward now because of the relationship we've formed. I've become really close with the girls but i think im closest to Danielle , im guessing because of how much we have in common. As for the boys , i talk to them frequently except for Louis of course . 

Its currently 10:34 am and im in my room getting ready to meet up with Dani for coffee. Throwing on a yellow crop top with high waisted black and white checked leggings i ran to the bathroom and applied some foundation and mascara.My phone dinged meaning i had a message.

From Niall :

Hey Ky wanna come to mine later ? Eeryones gonna be there :)

To Niall :

Sounds great be there around 2 pm yeah ?

From Niall :

See you them :) 

Grabbing my keys I left the apartment and headed of in the direction of Starbucks. Its only 5 minutes away so there's no point in driving there. Once i entered Starbucks I noticed Danielle sitting in the corner with two coffees in her hand. 

"One latte for you " Danielle said smiling

"Thanks girl , Hows life ? " i asked her

"Same old shit but a different day " she said smiling.

"Niall's later ?" i asked Danielle.

"Nope sorry i have dance today "

We chatted for another while until I got a text from Emma.

Emma Hilsbury :

Date tonight Niall will pick you up at 5 pm , meeting in my office asap.

Sighing  i text  back.

To Emma Hilsbury:

Im going to Nialls for a movie night with the gang another night ? I'll be there asap.

"Sorry Dani , Emma wants to have a meeting asap" i said frowning.

"Aww , well bye anyway " she said pouting.

" See you tomorrow babe " I say kissing her cheek.

I ran out of the coffee shop and called a cab.It only took 5 minutes to get from the coffee shop to the modest building.Running up the stairs i finally made it to Emmas office . I burst through the door.

"I got here as soon as i can" i said panting.

Looking around i notice Niall in the chair across from Emma.

"Come in"Emma said sternly.

"If you're wondering why you are here , well i called you here to talk about this" she said using had gestures between me and Niall.

"Well" Niall asked impatiently

"You guys are going public tomorrow which means alot of publicity and alot of paps" she explained. "you guys are going tobe spending alot of time together" 

"Yes we know that" Niall says cheekily.

"Yes , but Niall you are going on tour soon which means 3 months away"

"So what are you saying" i ask

"You my friend are going on tour with the boys for 2 months , the first one and the last one"

"WHAT? " i screamed

"I have classes and dancing to worry about" i saystressing out.

"We've got it all figured out , Danielle will be coming with you" she said

"Really " i squealed.

"Yes , Niall do you have anything to add" she asked

"Nope , everything is great" He said smiling.

"I get to go on tour with 7 of my best friends this is amazing" he said beaming

"When do we leave?" i ask

"August 19th , exactly a month away" Emma said.


Niall's Pov

This is perfect.

Heya lovelies ,

Hope you like it? 


Byee :)

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