The Contract

Kylee is a normal girl , sure she has done a few rebellious things but who hasn't?
When she is hired by Modest to be Niall Horans girlfriend her life changed completely.She now has to be a picture perfect girlfriend.Will Niall like her? will they fall in love? what will happen when the contract is over?
Read to find out....


11. Chapter 10

Niall's Pov

Dinner with Kylee was really good , we were laughing and telling jokes the whole time. She told me more about herself and I told her things she didn't know about me . As we were walking from my car to my apartment i heard a click . Looking around i see noting until I hear another click and saw a flash . Immediately I told Kylee to keep her head down in case they got her picture .

" Run " I shouted

We ran into the apartment building and crouched over in laughter . Her laugh was so cute .

" Well that was wierd " she said

" Sorry those paps are  everywhere " i apologised.

" Why are you apologising this will be my job for a year and a half might as well get used to it " she said.

" Yeah um Yeah lets go to the apartment now " i mumbled.

When we arrived at the apartment Louis had Zayn pinned to the floor with a can of whipped cream in his hand.

" Woah , Whats going on here ? " I asked . 

" Truth or Dare " Ciara simply stated with a sly smile on her face.

" Oh right , What exactly was this dare "

" Oh um Louis dared Zayn to let him put whipped cream in his hair and the forfit was not to style your hair for a day so obviously Zayn said whipped cream "

" Oh right ! " i chuckled .

I looked across the room to see Kylee talking and laughing with Eleanor. God she was beautiful , but I cant like her , shes my friend nothing more nothing less . A victory scream from Louis snapped me out of my trance , I turned my attention to Zayn and sure enough he had a big pile of whipped cream on his hair . I started laughing which caused everyone to start laughing .

" I'm taking a shower " Zayn mumbled with his head down.

" I'm tired I think i might go to bed " said Liam

Followed by Harry.

" I guess its only us five" said Louis clapping his hands.

" Yup " Kylee smiled.

Kylee's Pov

" Yup " i said while smiling.

" I think im gonna go to bed , Night everyone" Perrie said

" Night" we all replied

" So , What do you wanna do? " Niall asked.

" Movies ? " Eleanor suggested.

" Sure what type ? " louis asked

" SCARY " all four of us said in unision.

We had the popcorn ready , the lights off and the movie started and actually the movie wasn't scary at all . I was on the armchair while Niall , Louis and Eleanor were on the 3 seater . Eleanor was scared for her life and clung onto Louis for most of it while Niall and I were making faces at eactother. Suddenly I started laughing uncontrollably causing a glare from Louis . I put my hands up in surrender and shut up .

By the end of the movie Louis and Eleanor were both fast asleep while Niall and I were on twitter and tumblr following fans.I yawned and Niall said " you tired " i nodded. Niall stood up from the couch and led me to their guest bedroom. " if you need anything im right across the hall okay? " Niall said . " Yeah , do you have something i can wear to bed ? " i asked blushing . " Oh yeah um come with me" he said.

I followed Niall into his bedroom and it was a typical boys bedroom , it was messy. Walking to his walk in wardrobe Niall throws me a pair of joggers and one of his t-shirts . " Thank you Niall , Night " i said while giving him a hug.

I walked back into the guest room , changed quickly and drifted off into sleep.


Sorry this update took so long i've been busy with school and stuff.

Note : This book wont go by the actual dates things happened in real life , like the tour will start when it suits the way of the book (if that makes sense ) sorry for inconenience .. 

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